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  1. Whatever Constantine "is," I always figured he was pretty secure. Seconding Diggle's take. Admittedly, I didn't enjoy the introduction arc of the final series of "Swamp Thing," but your current work on "Hellblazer" is deliciously awesome. Your take on Constantine was one of the few things in it that made reading it all the more enjoyable. Your run so far has brought me back to picking up the monthlies on the day of their release. You've already cleaned up almost two decades of build up on the character and I'm convinced you can carry a story arc without fully relying on Constantin
  2. Hey, STH. Long time no see. First off, Diggle, thank you so much! Your current writing on the series has been nothing less than fantastic and what you have done with John brought much needed life back into the series. It's fresh and sharp. Manco's art enhances it. I look forward to what you have in store for Hellblazer in the future. That aside, I want to second Rassmguy's statement that because of those additions to John's character, while not handled in the best manner possible, I think the 'shoehorned' aspects can be tidied up and made into something believable for his character
  3. Of course, but I'd like writers to showcase their strengths if it makes for better reading than what we have been getting. Then again, I didn't like Empathy very much. My gut sank when I found out there was a continuation. She has good ideas but when it comes to piecing them together into a story, it hasn't been working out so far. She has already shown she can write a strong Constantine, it's just doing something more with it.
  4. Tee hee, you ordered yourself.
  5. Wow. That myspace still raped my browser. The record for near computer crashes and terrible layouts in myspace-related visits is still unbroken. John would piss on the idea of a myspace. Ow. Ow.
  6. Baah. I'm guilty when it comes to writing fanfic. Nothing wrong with writing your own stories and speculation? ... Yes, provided it's done right. I seldom read fanfiction nowadays, unless it's recommended. Years of sifting through garbage to the point where even the humourously bad is nothing new can do that to you. That and you have seen almost nothing from me because I know when shit is shit and shit stays on the computer. Can I take a stab at prosing this, if I can alter some things like dialogue? I liked the script but the dialogue was what got me.
  7. I had to read this in two sittings. That's a first. It looked promising, then kind of threw itself into a wall. Nothing new to add to the complaints, but I will say I like how Mina writes Constantine. I really do. If she gets her storytelling together, she'd be great. If she wrote about John's personal life instead of these slow slow megaarcs, I might be enjoying this more. I read Hellblazer to read about John Constantine; you can stick anyone else in the situations he goes through but J.C. is J.C. And I used to be excited about the new Hellblazer coming out every month! Cucina's art
  8. All this nudity is taking me back to the Locked issue. :S The art is nice at least.
  9. John's chillin' with his fans, somewhere.
  10. Here, it may be small and it may be pixelated but goddamn that's delicious looking.
  11. I've seen from 5'10" to 6'0". The rest I have no idea. I think he likes whatever he can nuke in the microwave.
  12. Is it wrong that I now am mostly giddy for Hellblazer previews just for the gorgeous covers?
  13. I'm glad I clicked on this. It was coming on at that moment. Watching it now. Edit: Baaah. I have no idea how much I missed. I saw ... three minutes of it?
  14. I am creative with the English language. Hooyeah. Comic stripping would have been a bit suggestive, would it?
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