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  1. I mean it's a place with a lot of different good beers that aren't mad expensive microbrews.

    I dunno I drink a lot of stouts and porters in America but mostly in the winter when it's cold. Our ales are usually really heavily hopped and pretty different from english ales, from what I can tell.

  2. I think we're staying in notting hill with the yuppies. Think you might have gotten east coast and west coast confused? Is this from driving on the other side of the road?


    Looks like we're going to be using york as a base but on the plus side, we got an amazing deal on a place right downtown (200 USD a night for a place that lists for 250 pounds!). Guess we'll drive to the coast and maybe the peak district. Whitby looks really nice. And yeah, Manchester didn't look that great. Obviously a lot of great music came out of there but most of that music was about how crappy manchester is.


    Edit: Oh man, northern england is like germany or belgium for beer, huh? hang in there, stomach.

  3. Oi you british geezers and lasses (?)

    So my family has a week between our apartment in Glasgow and our apartment in London. What do you think we should do? Tentative plan is something like 2 nights in york, 2 nights in liverpool, 2 nights in bath. my dad sent me this but I thought it looked really southwest heavy and pushed for york. Should I push for more time in scotland? Pretty much everyone is vegetarian or near as (I only eat kosher meat, I'll eat fish at a restaurant)

    19th - lv glas, stop in lake district along way, sleep in l-pool

    20th - play in liverpool, sleep in lpool

    21st play in liverpool, sleep in lpool

    22nd up early, sight see en route to bath, sleep in bath

    23rd - bath and surrounding region (rental car), sleep in bath

    24th ""

    25th ""

    26th depart bath in morning after breakfast, arr london befor 2:30


    EDIT: bath has been taken off the list. more time in scotland? highlands? east? my dad seems to be under the impression that the english national parks are skippable, which I disagree with, and that scotland's scenery outclasses england's, which seems true.

  4. Coincidence has played far too big a role this season, agreed, two more just off the top of my old-man memory - Jorah knocking around the one whore house that Tyrion happens to wander into and everyone deciding to go see Myrcella at exactly the same fucking time. Dany visiting the fighting pit that Jorah was getting his try-out at too. Nonsense.


    "M'lady, Sansa Stark is in this inn."

    "Google maps says not to go through Valyria cause of death and shit, but..."



    On Stannis, they fucked the pacing - watching the broken giant leading his men to their doom was a moment they didn't earn, it just felt far too rushed. The key points where there but more time should have been spent on each one.


    The whole northern plot felt rushed. I have no fucking idea what Littlefinger's goal was and I don't think the writers do either.

  5. You know what bugs me? The northern plot in ADWD was the best part of the book, I'd been telling my sister since season 3 "wait til all the northern lords who are secretly loyal to the starks are gathered in winterfell for the bolton wedding" and none of that happened. There's about 5 extras in all of winterfell. No Umbers, no Manderlys, no Freys, no pies. Sure, sometimes you have to change things for TV but the tv plot is so much worse. Not to mention how rushed it felt, good thing we got dorne* instead.


    *So she seriously said "you want a good girl but you need bad pussy"

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