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  1. House of Lost Horizons #1-I guess, because it is by Mike Mignola.  
    Which autocorrect wants to change to “Mike Mongolia”. heh

    X-Corp #1-Give it a look. The concept sounds interesting; I wish it had a better writer. Tini Howard is horrible on Excalibur.

  2. Good Asians #1-Finally, another quality series. This is from the same creative team as the Infidel series. It involves racism against Chinese-Americans from the early 20th century, and is told in a noir style.

    Immortal Hulk

    X-Men: Curse of the Man Thing

  3. Very young.

    He was a very good comic artist. I first saw his artwork on the Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, written by Peter Milligan. I always liked that mini-series. Milligan’s writing was complimented well by his art.

  4. 1 hour ago, JohnMcMahon said:

    I'm so glad that we humans live forever and so I certainly haven't wasted my life.

    I spent the past eight years of my life on an internet forum dedicated to a defunct comic book property!

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  5. This forum was old when the very Earth was yet young.

    Don’t forget. This is the second version of the Straight to Hell forums.

    I’m pretty sure I first joined sometime in 2003, and I didn’t quite make the cut for an original member.

  6. Hopefully there will be an increase in quality of the stories.

    The important aspect of the Apex Book of World SF was the sheer literary value of a good majority of the stories published in the editions.

    The story I just finished, “Snapshots” by Jose Maria Latorre from Spain, used the plot to a Goosebumps novel. That’s never a good sign.

    Maybe I have chosen some of the poorer fiction choices to start though. I am skipping around through the contents.


    EDIT:Yes, there are better selections in the book. Some are quite good, doing what I would hope, which is to present different types of stories than what you’d come across in the average horror collection.  
    Recently read a story from Senegal and the Filipino one, both of which I would recommend.

  7. Yep, back in the X-Axis days. He’s still around, still reviewing X-titles on the HouseToAstonish web-site now.

    The only place to find me on the internet, outside of this forum.

  8. The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories vol. 1-This is a collection of new horror short stories published outside of the English-language sphere.

    None of the stories included had been translated in to English yet.

    Most of the stories are still from western Europe though.

    Otherwise, there are three stories from Africa, two from South America, one from Mexico, and one from the Philippines.  
    There are also two stories from eastern Europe.

    The publisher lists this volumn (from 2020) as the first, so hopefully Valancourt will continue this tradition and create an annual anthology.

    Especially if there will be a wider range, to include more horror fiction outside of Europe.


    It could serve as a needed replacement for the excellent (and sorely missed) Apex Book of World SF series. There were a few horror-centric stories published in those books, although the majority of the fiction was science fiction or fantasy.

  9. If you do, I’ll be interested to hear what you think about it.

    We’ve had lots of interesting conversations about the Jonathan Hickman-era on the X-books at the HouseToAstonish (aka Paul O’Brien’s place) web-site since 2019.

  10. Nope. I would not read Hickman’s X-Men yet, unless you want to be disappointed.

    It’s a series of unrelated, open-ended stories without much seeming relevance as of yet. Hickman may start to tie up loose ends as his run winds down, but he still has a year and a half on his contract with the X-Men line. So, there could be quite a wait before any of it is given a proper wrap.

    I would most likely recommend House of X/Powers of X. It is one of the strongest X-Men stories ever written, and is filled with high concept ideas.

    My one caveat is that it is also left open-ended. So far, none of the ideas introduced in House/Powers have really  been followed up in the Krakoa-era (outside of Krakoa, itself).

    For example, one of Hickman’s biggest reveals in House of X revolves around Moira MacTaggert, but yet Moira has not been seen since Powers of X #6 (dating from September 2019).

    Hickman’s X-Men run has been quite infuriating, waiting for something to happen.


    Hickman is jumping from X-Men to a different, yet unnamed ongoing X-title starting in July. Gerry Duggan is taking over as writer on the X-Men, which is going to become a proper team book again.

  11. The Hellblazer reference could also simply be referring to the continuing release of collected editions and the still upcoming Young John Constantine graphic novel.

  12. I was thinking it might just be for licensed books, as the only title announced is based on a horror movie.

    The article says that the new imprint is “in collaboration with Warner Brothers Consumer Products”, not just this title. So, it seems that is the purpose.

  13. Ah yes, the days when grocery stores (and drug stores) actually had a spinner rack of monthly comics.

    Sometimes, my grandmother would take me shopping with her, and I’d find a Marvel comic I didn’t usually buy. I’d walk around the grocery store reading the comic, so that no one working in the store would catch me. Then, I would return the comic to said spinner after I finished it.

  14. The Meursault Investigation by Kamel Daoud- This is a sequel to Albert Camus’ The Stranger.  
    The brother of the murder victim tells the story of the dead man (now given a name as Musa), how he ended up on the beach that day.

    The point isn’t to paint Camus or his novel as racist though. The author makes sure to point out that he does not consider Camus to be racist, and that he is a great admirer of Camus.

    The novel does serves as a critique of Algerian society since independence. It points to the religious intolerance and censorship, the treatment of women, and the continuing disparity between rich and poor since independence.

    The brother killed by Meursault was an atheist and is shown to have been just as much of an “outsider” within his own society.

  15. Perhaps he invested all of the money he made in BitCoin.

    According to Wikipedia, the film barely grossed more than the cost of its budget.

    Budget:$25 million
    Box Office:$29.9 million

    Plus, while it is based on Diggle’s Vertigo series, DC owns the rights to the Losers, since they own a World War II comic with that name. Diggle doesn’t own the concept.


    I’ve always found it strange how writers who were considered popular at one point can just disappear over the years.


  16. Well, the new host for the Phoenix from Aaron’s Avengers is definitely a character that no one would have ever guessed.

    Aaron’s Avengers is leading up to a new cross-over called Heroes Reborn. 
    I doubt it has anything to do with Marvel going bankrupt this time.

  17. Geez. How long is this King in Black fiasco going to last? It seems like tie-ins have been going on since November. It’s like one of those never-ending DC cross-overs, except even more pointless.

    Everyone seems to hate this event, except for readers of the Venom comic.

    I can’t see why they’re doing this, unless a Venom movie was scheduled. The pandemic has pushed back any Marvel movies though. So, this cross-over is taking place for no reason.

    Yeah, a new Venom movie was scheduled for November 2020. It’s going to feature the debut of Carnage. It was delayed until September.

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