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    As far as music is concerned: Frank Black, Pixies, Sonic Youth plus the whole Grunge/Seattle scene.<br /><br />Star Wars and such.<br /><br />Thanks to this board, i've become interested in the Doctor, and also BSG.

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  1. I thought C3PO was a confirmed batchelor
  2. I'm going to have to go back and read last month's book, but I think most of our heroes are dead. Maybe a few made it into the caverns. It was real nice to have Mignola finish the art himself too. Real impressed by this book after they seemed to lose their nerve a few years ago
  3. Another excellent issue of Black Hammer where questions are answered, sort of
  4. I will say this, those early BPRD books have some great Guy Davis art and might be worth reading just for that. I always felt his work was a great compliment to Mignola; it was very different obviously, but so moody and weird. it really worked for that book.
  5. You could read just Hellboy and be fine, They sort of run Parallel with Hellboy crossing into BPRD, but it was always a secondary book. For some reason early on the BPRD minis were always relaunched with #1s but on the inside cover it would say something like "23 in the series" My advice, Just read Hellboy, then if you are still interested go back and dive into the different BPRD/Abe Sapien/Hellboy and the BPRD books.
  6. Dave

    Image Comics

    I liked it too. Hopefully the quality keeps up. I think its already been picked up by netflix judging by the huge logo on the back cover. Hopefully it is being written for the comic first and not just storyboards for a tv show. In a similar vein, I enjoyed Evan Dorkin's, Blackwood at Dark Horse. It's not as sinister, at least not yet, but the first issue was fun.
  7. Another great issue. This version of the Endless were quite fun.
  8. Very nice. I like how thick Batman's cowl looks. That is a nice touch.
  9. They could just put the Constantine Sandman issue if they wanted to do that, too.
  10. Yeah, that was an excellent mini. The world of Black Hammer might be my favorite thing going right now.
  11. So the latest issues of Black Hammer, it looks like Lemire is taking us thru this worlds version of the Vertigo universe. Our new Black Hammer has to deal with a John Constantine pastiche, it goes as well for her as you would expect. Next week it looks like he's dipping his toe into very familar Vertigo waters, so it will be fun to see what's up with that.
  12. I would have expected that sort of behavior from Guy Gardner, but not you Hal Jordan.
  13. I keep thinking about that Nameless comic and how weird and nice an approach that would be for something like GL. I'm starting to get excited about this.
  14. Morrison on GL sounds great, i will totally read that. Maybe Hellblazer will move back to Vertigo where it belongs
  15. So i just read the newest BPRD issue from a few weeks ago last night. It begins with actual Hellboy in Hell drawn by Mignola himself. So you've got like 3 pages of classic Hellboy, before it returns to what is left of the world and the BPRD. So if any of you guys are completist, it's there. BTW, I enjoyed the issue alot beyond the opening bit, there is a bit of a mystery going on with BPRD personnel which could either be great, or really blow so we'll see on that.
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