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  1. My life has undergone so many drastic shifts, especially over the last 18 months, I wouldn't know where to begin. My Halloween display (remember Bob the vampire?) has become my all-consuming passion, along with rescuing small mammals and birds from shelters and bad situations. As a result of these activities, my house is full of dead wolves and live rats, as well as a real bare bones man named Fred.


    Life just might be settling down a trifle, hence the interest in returning to Hellblazer at least, and possibly other comics down the road. So much has changed since I was last active in the comic world - classic Vertigo, how I miss you! For now I'll be stalking Hellblazer TPB lots on evilBay and trying to wrap my head around the idea of a de-aged JC on a superhero team. (Loved the first JLD TPB, but after that... not so sure).

  2. Miss me? :tongue:


    I've been away from comics for years, but recently a friend has been nudging me back. I decided that if I read nothing else, I'd like to finish up Hellblazer and replace my comics with TPBs. Thus, I've been gleaning info from the forum and doing so often enough that it felt un-neighborly not to stop in and say Hello.

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  3. I love any of the Matt Wagner Grendel tales. I don't really like Grendel not written by Wagner, but I haven't read all the stories not written by Wagner either, so I'm not positive. The ones I did read weren't anywhere as good as the Wagner issues.


    I've read most of the non-Wagner Grendels, and the only one I can enthusiastically recommend is Four Devils, One Hell, which was excellent.


    I can hardly believe I didn't stop to talk at Wagner at WWC this weekend. I didn't know he'd be attending, nor had I heard about the release of new Grendel. Argh!

  4. Today I bathed one dog, one cat, and four rats. Ever try to hold a squirming hairless rat covered in shampoo? <insert greased pig joke here> It's not easy. Fortunately the other three were perfect little angels.


    Now I have to clean a snake cage, lizard cage, and then I finally get to clean off. What a mess.

  5. I remember really liking the first issue, waiting for the TPB, and after reading the whole thing, feeling deeply disappointed about wasted potential. Wish I could recall details for you, but as the others have intimated, it wasn't memorably bad, merely "eh" bad.

  6. Just saw a bunch of Oscar nominated movies and the question that lingers hardest in my mind right now is 'why the fuck has The Queen been nominated for Best Picture when Pan's Labyrinth has not?'.


    I'd pick on the POS that is Little Miss Sunshine long before I'd go after The Queen, but I have to agree that Pan's Labyrinth is hands-down my pick of the year. Given that it's a subtitled fantasy film, it would never have won, but I would have loved to cheer it on nevertheless.


    What makes Pan's Labyrinth more of a foreign film than The Queen anyhow?


    That category is actually Foreign Language Film, not simply Foreign Film.


    If it's any consolation, the two films that reap the greatest financial benefit from the Oscars are the winners of Best Picture and Best Foreign, so Pan's should still benefit considerably from the nonsense surrounding the little golden guy.

  7. After seeing Dreamgirls, I'm baffled at all the critical huzzahs it has received. Like The Devil Wears Prada, it's not a bad film, it's just a solidly average one that contains some better-than-it-deserves actors. In the case of Dreamgirls, there's an outrageously talented supporting cast that mostly goes to waste, sacrificed to no-cliche=left-untouched plots about the music industry and romantic travails, some decent musical numbers, and lots of very pretty costumes. And way too much Eddie Murphy. There are so many subplots stuffed into this too-long film that not one of them is well-developed, and the whole endeavor would have been much more entertaining if it had sacrified a good twenty minutes of running time.


    That this movie has received the most Oscar nominations, and not any of a multitude of far better films, makes me :icon_cry:

  8. I'm with you there, Inca. I would have loved to see some of the profits from the splatterfest that was Passion of the Christ go up in smoke. After seeing Passion, all my interest in seeing Apocalypto vanished. My mind boggles at what a blood-fetishist like Gibson could do with a movie about the ancient Maya.

  9. Congrats, Wolvy!




    I love and adore misspellings on eBay. I just won a lot of 210 prisms in the shape of "ice sickles," which sounds like a weapon in a Roald Dahl mystery. Or perhaps Dr. Zhivago. Either way:


    "Watch out! My minions and I are armed with ice sickles, and we're coming to get you! By the time the cops catch us, they'll have melted and we'll get off scot free!" :ph34r:

  10. I could quibble about some of the mechanics of the dystopian future that's presented in Children of Men, but the overall impression is realistic and believable, sometimes uncomfortably so. Many of the supporting performances, if perhaps a bit overly quirky, were entertaining. (Thank you, Michael Caine. Thank you, "Now put on your fugee face" guy.) It's very pretty to look at, although the promo copy about it being "the most gorgeously shot film of the year" seems a bit of a stretch. But overall, the movie feels like the second act of an interesting, and much larger, film. At best, it's the second of a trilogy. Without the potentially even more interesting beginning, and the "oh please, do something unexpected with it" ending, the exercise doesn't quite work for me. Still, there are worse ways to kill a couple of hours.

  11. I have no idea what the fuss is about. If some comics are not meant for children (obviously!), then have a board which labels each book as All Ages, Young Adult, Teens, Mature. Simple as that! Libraries just need to check that minors are not renting books which are not age appropriate. Is that so fucking hard?!


    FYI, at most - if not all - public libraries, librarians are not permitted to prevent anyone from checking out anything they wish. A five year old can rent Caligula and the librarians can'ts ay a word.

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