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  1. Here is me late to a party again, but . . . Hahahaha The Manhattan Projects hahahaha many funny insider jokes that I got !. I have only read the first two so far. I will be very surprised if the author misses the obvious "Hungarians are really Martians, here under cover to investigate us" joke that genuine Manhattan project scientists made at the time. I really enjoyed this outlandish ( groan ) comic-book.
  2. Rivers of London : Black mold. I quite liked much of the artwork, though some of the style choices of the depiction of one or two of the much loved characters of the novel left me wondering if the Graphic Novel writers/artists even read the print novels. Though Peter Grant and DC Guleed seem very much as they are in the books, neither Nightingale or Molly seem remotely so, unnervingly not right. The humour and compassion from the novels rang through clearly, and beautiful London was nice to see, though ( maybe deliberately, given "evil property developers" subtext ) much could have take
  3. :O Slap head is slang for bald in UK?, cause it is very rude discrimination for Asian in Sydney slang. Or was, last century. I am so old, it gives me the sads.
  4. Me. The artwork is astounding, the story entertaining. Totally great.
  5. See, that is why I said nah right from the get go. Would have had to sully my mind with the image of Cap being everything he never was, the whole time the wankers writers were just waiting to trot out something as asinine as "then he woke up". It is just comics being comics, I know, but I will pass, thanks.
  6. I third the Mignola *yawn* which is sad. Fell from a great height.
  7. That whole "property" thing strikes me as stupidity on steroids. People like us are going to go see comic movies. People who don't care what they watch, ditto. So the all other people are only going to go to any particular movie if something attracts their attention to it. How is "Oh look, Silver Surfer is in this movie, I will go watch it" not a good thing for people who have movies with these sort of characters in them?. People get a second dose of YOUR character at some other studios expense, then when you come back ten years after the first movie you made, you automatically benefit
  8. Spent the whole first 20 minutes feeling sad. Can assert with emphasis the great accuracy of the Wolverine, Xavier, Caliban interplay. Wolvie don't want to really deal with the day to day, so he isn't LISTENING to Caliban when he talks about it. Passive aggressive answers when Caliban says things, turning away snarling, not listening to what is said, but what he THINKS is being said. Movie was great, but bitter drinking for me. May we all die before dementia sets in. The girl-child was amazing, really great.
  9. i think it looks like an acting lesson by Mr Jackman, never cared that much for Wolverine in the comics, but he really has grown on me in those hands. Very credible representation, kind of summoned the Ulysses line for me. "Though much is taken, much abides; and though We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are". feel some sympathy, a shared age concern. hello mate, best wishes.
  10. Avaunt

    2000 AD

    I love the Absalom story in spite of its "ho hum, yes yes, heard that one before and it was juvenile and puerile the first time and doesn't improve as it is repeated" shtick of "the queen and royal family are all pedophile lizard-aliens" weakness. The art in it is top notch, and the attitude of world weary copper with his trusty squad, while equally trite I suppose, is handled with a sort of brutal panache in this case. I especially enjoy the detail of the characters faces, and the old blokes wrinkles lovingly detailed warts and all. It must take an age to draw. I also liked the Sti
  11. I got to see it first of all Aucklanders, along with all the other people who buy comics at Heroes for Sale, our awesome shop here on K'road. They get us some ridiculous sweet deals at times. And it rocked, at one point people started whistling and yelling and cheering. The changes were quite well handled I thought, and Fassbender (My sister-in-law tells me this is the German surname equivalent to Hooper. She also avers that his good looks are of the flawless/soul-less kind that have no interest to grown women, and would prefer a double serving of Mr Jackman =] ) was truly amazing and
  12. Asking someone if you can in this, or that event, save your soul, isn't getting necessarily excited at the idea that you might be able to save your soul. I liked the humour and the attitude, in parts of it, and it seemed a very assured take on John..
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPE2oBnzROY Quite good I thought.
  14. We are not going to get super powered mutants anytime soon. But wasn't Steve Jobs a mutant?. Myopia, freakish height, abnormal brain power, atypical personality . . . and, unchecked, he used his creepy powers to change the world at a speed, and to an extent, we have hardly had to endue before. Who knows how far we would be in his thrall, if he also had of had healing power?.
  15. I absolutely endorse the post above this. Best Comic Book Movie. Really good acting. Totally loved the new guy, his "civilian" character MORE than his Suited character.
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