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  1. Great shirt! Great pose! Is it just front or is there something on the back too?
  2. After a long break, here I am stating opinions... (superb banner by the way) I've skimmed through the issues published while I was absent. There's not much to say about them. I really wonder where Diggle is going with the story. I like this one though I had to adjust my eyes to non sketchy art :) The drawing was not obscure enough for my taste, but I liked it, especially the colours chosen. (worst art critic ever written) As for the story, I detested the scene Constantine, popped into existence in a confession room in sistine chapel. Constantine got that habit recently I presume, last ti
  3. He grasps the essence of character Constantine. He literally touches dark, sinister yet human part of him and that gives his drawings much more depth. I mean look at this. It's so Constantine. Hasty, Dark, Burdened yet you can see his brilliant look in his eyes, and his fate at the end of the cigarette, spiraling to destruction.. So much contrast.. It's breath-taking. But It is the kind of drawing probably Manco woke up at night, couldn't sleep, he lights a cigarette, looks out to the street. Goes to his study and just draws. And he does this and goes back to bed. Even though, It mak
  4. I would like to get him (or mike carey) one of this book; You can preach magic-junkies who keeps thermodynamics books under label "fiction". But not me buddy. Not quite right mate, the third one says you can not reach absolute zero temperature, It is the second law you are talking about. Now I need to study more thermodynamics to mock the old man up further. :)
  5. umm, Does this one count? The bending man is probably Constantine but, He didn't look real blondie to me, more like brown hair. And Constantine has brilliant mid-long hair in the issue.
  6. It was a really nice, connecting story, referring to the very first issues of the series . After he exorcised the guilt of years and events out of him, He was looking and behaving like the constantine we knew in the first few comics. I really detested the "I dont wanna save the world" Constantine, but now he's acting when everyone is standing idle , picking the smallest distress call. And when I inspect the Andy Diggle run (I'm not the expert compared to you guys but..) I see solid stories and excellent art supporting it. Considering what I see, I think Laughing Magician story arc will be deli
  7. That was hell of an answer. Thank you very much Mark. I was sitting and thinking what an insanely devious and brilliant plot I have missed between issues I couldn't read. It's sad to hear it is just a continuity error. Loved the can-o-worms though, do you own one?
  8. Well.. Thanks for quick reply Mark but that answer made my cables go haywire. I have a huge gap between issues 50 and 150, Everything was perfect until satan said "..Agony and extacy refer back to lucifer's time, they are not mine.." in issue 199; Let me ask you this way; Which period this "Lucifer's time" refer to? Thank you for enduring my silly questions.
  9. Hello everyone this is my first post. I have recently found this society although I have been reading hellblazer for a while. I've read sandman too and I want to ask which hellblazer issues are in the same time when lucifer abandoned hell? Did this situation have echoes in hellblazer? Thank you in advance. S.V.
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