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  1. Soooo, I'm in the middle of reading Bombshells, and it's a quick but entertaining read. Not a lot of John, you can go ten or so issued before he shows up again, and he's always with Zatanna (so far). It's a big anthology series, so your fave characters might not get some love for a while. John's characterization is OK. Not terrible, but he's not getting a lot to do, either. I wouldn't recommend it if you just want to Constantine, but there's some interesting world-building and revision of the familiar characters of DC.
  2. ... I hate that Zatanna's holding back on her power. Afraid the girl's going to show everyone up?
  3. "I want him gritty and hungover." I have this feeling. Sort of a lightness in my chest? Is that... hope?
  4. I will love this author forever if that's a reptoid.
  5. I'll stick my oar in and say that I have no reason to read this any more. I have read the series, and I don't remember anything about the stories. They aren't memorable, which means that aren't interesting. I remember having hte feeling after I have read the comics that nothing ainteresting happened. I'm bored. I don't hate it. I have no reaction to it. It's a thing I do for about fifteen minutes, and then wonder why I paid money to do such a thing.
  6. While reading this, it occurred to me that I miught be done with the character. Nothing matters. It'll all be wrapped up in a nice little bow at the end. The characterizations are shallow. Nothing interesting is happening.
  7. Swamp doesn';t currently have his own book, right? He will in early 2016, though. So not as much a crossover as "HEY REMEMBER SWAMP THING EXISTS!"
  8. Argh... oh fuck. OK here's the card and figure for the revised John. Notice anything... similar? Yep, it's the same figure repainted, with a different color magic zap. AND NICK COSTS MORE POINTS!
  9. Trenchcoat. Oh my God he's been recruited into Torchwood.
  10. It's good to see that other people liked Farscape.
  11. Overall, meh. Not a great plot. No shocks, no great lines.
  12. What's this from? Honestly, I think a lot of comics artists don't have much practice drawing non-heroic physiques.
  13. Heh. Little Semi-appearance from Gail Simone in the back of Convergence: Wonder Woman http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/05/20/gail-simone-finally-writes-john-constantine-ish-well-he-still-has-the-trenchcoat/
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