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  1. I'm not allowed to watch Constantine with any of my friends. :icon_cry: One of them is a self-affirmed Keanufile and the rest have found themselves black and blue for saying things like "It might not be too bad," or "It looks promising"...


    I'm just gonna have to sneak into the theater by myself, 'cause there's no way in hell I"m paying for that piece of shit!!!

  2. Nice pic, Angie, but why are you slightly irritated, then? And is that your heart's delight dragging you around by the end of an arm?

    Ex-boyfriend, I got conned/blackmailed into going to a dance at his school. Knew absolutely nobody, was bored out of my skull, and was being paraded around and shown to people. For a happy little introvert like myself it was hell.


    Pooka: No, but the personality almost matched...


    Lou K. : They do it because they are EVIL.

  3. Congrats! Now get some well deserved rest.

    Can't, it's only 8:30p.m., I'm still jittering with more sugar in my system than 5 year old on Halloween and it's GDI week so the dorms are bursting with college-student energy, Three guys with lightsabers just chased what looked suspiciously like a carebear past my door and I'm fairly certain I wasn't hallucinating. Besides, my brain's still bouncing off the walls. I figure I'll go to bed in a few hours and sleep for a couple of days.

  4. I almost feel like I'm sidetracking this thread by actually posting a picture of MYSELF... Fortunately I'm still giddy with the newfound freedom of finishing midterms, so I'm going to do it anyways :-)


    I should probably point out that I'm the slightly irritated girl in purple, not the guy dragging her around.


  5. Um, hi, I'm Angelique. I'm a college student, studying History and Literature to do God only knows what when I grow up. No, I don't want to teach, so don't ask. I've all but liquified my brain with bad horror movies and merdiocre sci-fi novels, but so far my professors haven't caught on. I'm addicted to Coca-cola, comic books, movies, and music, eidt: and "normal non-comic book reading"(which I don't get to do anymore 'cause bastards assign 300-400 pages of reading a week PLUS homework) so I eat a lot of ramen noodles and pay for things with pennies more often than I probably should.

  6. ahem,


    I believe the current incarnation of the Constantine movie betrays both the spirit and the storyline of the comic.


    By pursuing a PG-13 rating I believe Warner Brothers is misleading people who will watch the movie, like it (since they're 13) and then find out that they aren't even legal to buy the real books. At the same time they're disenfranchising the loyal readers who expect to hear John curse and swear and just generally betray himself as the bastard he is. You know WB will decide to make their Keanu Reeves character the good guy, but one of the most fascinating parts of Hellblazer has always been the fact that John Constantine really is an anti-hero. He saves the day occasionally, but usually with a bodycount. He's a self-centered bastard who uses people and tends to get them hurt.


    By making John American, I believe that Warner Brothers have made us (americans) look bad ONCE AGAIN (and it's not like we need any help) by essentially stating that we selfrightouse imbecils won't watch a movie unless it's about us (if I could, I'd point out to them the success of movies like "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Trainspotting," or for that matter "Snatch" (which WANTED to be British). I might also point out that as far as their hormone driven teenage girl market goes, girls like accents! Look at how much mileage James Marsters got out of a fake one.) They've damaged the spirit and the storyline by refusing to accept what an integral part John's nationality and his political beliefs have played in the comic. They've also killed some of the color, some of the life. Hellblazer loses some of its mystery (to those of us who still romanticise London) when it is transplanted into the very modern (in my opinion very un-magical) city of Los Angeles.


    fuck it, I'm tired of being rational. I don't like it, they're screwing with something that I love and it makes me VERY ANGRY.

  7. Depends on your taste, it runs more to the cute than the creepy. If it weren't for all of the nudity (camouflaged by strategicly placed bison horns, text boxes, people) and sex I'd probably compare it to Courtney Crumrin, with maybe a little bit of "Thesselaid" thrown in. I picked it up 'cause it had a (very mild) Lucifer crossover, but it's turned out a lot better than I expected (if you like the style).
  8. So has anybody else fallen in love with this title?


    Written by Jonathan Vankin, drawn by Leigh Gallagher, and just generally awsome in my own (not nearly as humble as it should be) opinion.

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