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  1. This is the problem with creating a fictionalized universe where you really DO need "preemptive justice" to save the world. It creates a false moral conundrum. Also, this is especially prominent in superhero comics, where the villains very rarely are motivated by anything which motivates real world villains, but rather want "world domination" or just plain like to make people suffer, or are crazy. In the real world most villainy has a political source, and thus a political solution, in a superhero world that isn't necessarily the case. +1
  2. Do they not make a Black Widow figurine?
  3. Yes, 'yay,' for a given value of yay. I also have an office, which I only have to share with two other people! It's a windowless cell in the basement, granted, but an office nonetheless.
  4. I'm all for multiple understandings of a text! It's one of the things I'm trying to beat into my students this semester, but I don't know if they're getting it yet.
  5. Yes, yes, and yes. The internet sure does... and so do I kind of.
  6. I, personally, just don't have any other major complaints--it was a lovely film and I very much enjoyed it. The film I wish it had been, however (and Rogan, it seems you agree), would have directly dealt with the relationship that mutant minority status bears to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We get a hint of that when Angel says that being stared at by the FBI goons is worse than being stared at in a strip club--she'd rather have her sexuality exploited than her mutant status. That's really interesting to me, and I just wish there'd been more of it. However, the fact that my main
  7. That's what I thought--especially since there are so many Malcolm X/MLK Jr.-type parallels drawn between Erik and Charles. It feels a bit cheap for a film about white people to so heavily metaphorize the experiences of people of color and other minorities while also not allowing them any narrative space.
  8. I saw it and loved it (and so did my girlfriend, an X-Men geek)--with the caveats that Mark and Balthy have already pointed out. I was really surprised at that scene, actually--though I shouldn't have been, in a mainstream movie--because I saw an unexpected amount of subtlety in how they handled Charles's and Erik's opposing resistance tactics. It seemed at that point to be a film that was very aware of race, ethnicity, and prejudice, and then it dropped that racial trope that just won't die, Mmm, thanks, we really need to see that again. More spoilery thoughts:
  9. Leapfrogging the misogyny... He's English born but grew up in Canada, so the accent's wrong, but--Callum Keith Rennie?
  10. I appreciate your grumpiness very much, Ade. No offense meant.
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