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  1. Missed that one. How embarrassing...
  2. Nothing there. Have Boom! pulled the plug on that Azzarello Faust thing?
  3. Just Green Lantern out of that lot.
  4. If that's the Dredd collection I think it is, it's a good one: the Apocalypse War is in that one...
  5. Nothing there, though the Jonah Hex collection looks like it might be better than the Showcase Presents versions if they ever manage to get some stock of it out to the distributors.
  6. Don't really fancy any of that stuff, but I'm definitely with Wozza that being invited to write an origin story for an evil carnosaur Batman would be a very hard opportunity to turn down...
  7. Got an email from the advance order service I use this afternoon (bloody FPI, but the nearest comic shop's in Belfast) saying that they'll actually fill my March order now, but I need to get the next order form to them immediately the package arrives. No apology for keeping me waiting or owt. (Circumstances beyond their control, I know, but an apology would still be nice, wouldn't it?) Tossers.
  8. I suppose the penny has finally dropped at DC that Si Spencer and Si Spurrier aren't the same Spi...
  9. Do you really want a bag full of EL James and Dan Brown, though?
  10. It definitely reads very well indeed, and is every bit as good as Lou, Jason and Christian have been insisting. Cutting it up into six issue chunks for the collections leaves a lot of loose ends hanging at the end of most of them, though. (One thing I'm really liking about it is that Ewing is obviously writing it as an extended storyline with a long term plan. That gives it a bit of an edge on the Peter David run which is great, but which looked a lot less structured as it was mostly David thinking of a neat riff on the character, carrying that as far as he could, then moving onto his nex
  11. Went through the fifth collection of the Al Ewing Hulk yesterday, and I'm starting to suspect that the nods to Moore's Swamp Thing are getting more overt as it progresses.
  12. There's a Marvel Zombies series by the boy Spurrier from a few years back (during all that Battleworld nonsense) with the Ellis version of Elsa. Sadly though, it ends with character growth and the like, which looks a bit odd given that he's lifted the stuff about her father wholesale from Nextwave.
  13. I'm pretty sure that was the series that set up Elsa Bloodstone as a posh British psychopath rather than the Buffy rip off she started as in the Dan Abnett mini-series that introduced her, and that characterisation has stuck and then some, hasn't it?
  14. Wasn't that a filovirus? You need to wait for the big ebola outbreak before the prices on that one get silly, probably.
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