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  1. Just got hold of a copy of John Barth's Giles Goat Boy, which is probably more postmodernist-y than fantasy-y, but is definitely an epic. This is a huge book, and so fat a paperback that I half wish I'd got hold of a hardback copy instead as that might be a bit easier to read. Still, from the blurb there's a load of fantasy material in here, even if it is dressed up posh to pass it off as proper literature like Angela Carter's publishers always used to do with her stuff.

  2. Haven't read it yet, but will be shortly: the first of the complete Valerian and Laureline editions, which has three of the original albums in a single hardback. Apparently they stuck a bunch of these out to promote the film back in '17.

  3. Astonishing as the Bellardinelli and McMahon art is, it actually looks even better when Glenn Fabry comes onboard.

    (I'm not as keen on the Bisley, though...)

  4. I'd get the Kilraven epic collection if I didn't already have a big Essentials collection of that.

    (But I do, so I won't.)

    That said, this one won't have the shitawful Joseph Michael Lisner oneshot stinking up the back of it and with even the painted art looking pretty grim in B&W, so maybe I will get it.

  5. I'm tempted to read the Batvark Coronavirus comic just to see how unpleasantly insane it is, but I think I'll wait twelve months and look for a copy on ebay so that I don't have to pay Dave Sim in order to read it.

  6. Looks good, doesn't it?

    It's a pity the last story is yet another of Mills' pseudo-historicals derived from one line of Geoffrey of Monmouth, but it looks a hell of a lot better than the stuff along those lines he spent most of the '90s churning out...

  7. I'm still on the 360, I'm afraid.

    A heart "yep indeedy!" to the other though. In fact a dust up with some arab looking bunch in a cave system was how I lost that housecarl. Mind you, that was a side quest rather than just finding a hole and going in looking for trouble. I have an idea that the games' designers might have expected me to have levelled up a bit more before I did that bit.

  8. I'm quite enjoying that myself, to be honest. I'm probably spending more time sneaking about at night shooting passing guards in the back and occasionally managing to bag a deer than I am doing any of the missions or side quests.

    (Haven't managed to kill any of those bloody rabbits yet, though...)

    As to the other, I don't really give a toss about the dead elf, but I had to kill a dragon to get the housecarl, and she was actually pretty useful in a fight so I feel a bit bad about killing her off.

  9. I'm getting the impression that you slightly prefer one to the other, John?

    You might be onto something there. Skyrim is great, but I haven't even finished the first mission proper yet, and I've already managed to get two sidekicks killed on a side quest, so starting over from scratch  after having a look at something else might be the best option.

  10. Rather than Mass Effect, I've started in on Skyrim. I'm thinking that's the rest of the year accounted for looking at the amount of side quests and other stuff in this one.

  11. Anybody have an opinion on the Mass Effect trilogy they'd like to share? Given that it's a science fiction RPG by Bioware, I'd be surprised if it wasn't every bit as good as it's cracked up to be, but there seems to be a fair bit of weird ranting and raving about it online.

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