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  1. I'm not doing backflips for either,but I still prefer the Vertigo version,just slightly.
  2. Troll,from Thunderbolts,is becoming one of my favorite characters. She just grunts,or shows up with a dead animal dragging behind her and it makes me smile.
  3. Wow,for a show that,as much as I enjoy it,can tend to occasionally be predictable,tonights ending surprised and delighted the hell out of me. The Otis/Shane thing a few episodes back is exactly what I want out of a show set in this world,but tonight raised the bar.
  4. Animal Man # 1,was just as good as you folks all seemed to imply it was going to be.The real surprise was Travel Foreman,his pencils remind me of the old Aeon Flux cartoon.Really good stuff. Also,Batman was good,Stormwatch sucked,and Suicide Squad gets one more issue to improve or she's dropped.
  5. Agreed,Dave Johnson has done some great ones for DC,in the last chunk of years. Thank You,Jason & Mark.
  6. If Christain,or anyone else remembers the name of that Rucka TPB,plase post it.
  7. #796, sorry. Thanks,I'm gonna check that one out.
  8. All 11 issues,under one hardcover,is the deal of the year Kondek. But,yeah,I too wish it would come out sooner.I rarely buy the collections,if I have all the singles,but this shit is supremely shelf worthy.
  9. No. I was reading Morrison's Batman, and didn't feel like reading more than one Batman title. At this point, with the relaunch upon us, there was no reason to start picking up any new DC titles. When you figure in new titles like Superboy or Xombi which were recently launched and are now being canceled, it really shows how short-sighted DC were with their decision. Maybe someday I might get around to reading the TPB. Good point,I hate that they had to restart every last title. I was actually thinking about picking up Xombi,then they cancelled it.Detective,Action and Brian Woods stuf
  10. #880 is what Ledger would be doing in Dark Knight Rises,if he were still alive. "Do you know what Gotham means?" seriously,try not to hear his voice when you read it. Best issue of the year.
  11. Very well put,Shawn. I also liked how Dick realized he kinda cared about Gotham,from the black pins on the map to him realizing why it was he came back to the city.Also,James Juniors comment about Dicks smile was perfecly appropriate.
  12. Detective Comics # 881 by Scott Snyder,Jock & Francesco Francavilla. The end of an error,and of an amazing year on this book. Considering the character of Dick Grayson(as a fictional property)is over 70 years old,I'm sure there is a better run or era,from one of his many titles,but right now,I am hard pressed to think of one.This is truly Grayson as Batman,Snyder didn't just grab a Batman idea and cross out Bruce and write in Dick and hand it into DC editorial,this is Grayson at his best-optimistic,vulnerable and full of heart,yet clearly weighed down by the mantle of the Bat. Jame
  13. I wish it was HBO,now i'm gonna have to get Showtime. Please get Edgar Ramirez for Lono.
  14. If they do it correctly,which is of course,highly unlikely,it could be an amazing movie.But I don't see it widening the audience. Daredevil stories,even the good ones,tend to be about exactly how much torment you can rain down upon the man.Born Again is the epitome of this,starting out with that as a reboot is weird as hell.What'll they do if it merits a sequel,his origin? However I hope I'm wrong,we have a few good Batman movies,and two cool X-men flicks,but a truly great Daredevil flick is something that should have happened by now.
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