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  1. So I been going through every issue of the series, including cameos as I mentioned on the first thread I made on this forum, the continuity can be a bit messy but I can understand it can be hard to keep up so I forgave a lot...I am mostly loving the series so far, Then I got to Ashes and Dust and that really messed me over *SPOILERS!!* wtf happened? Not only did John die but then they didnt even bother explaining how he came back to life, he is now apparently gay with some guy he screwed over almost 30 years ago? Makes absolutely no sense at a
  2. UPDATE: So I been going through the series and it is some really good stuff. But after trying to follow every issue chronologically, I realized that Gwilym was rigth, some of those cameos are referenced in the Hellblazer issues, but they dont really affect the main Hellblazer story, and just plain dont make sense.. I decided its better to just get through the main Hellblazer series and any Swamp Thing cross-overs, but to read those other cameos separetly as I get them. Also kind of off-topic, I went to a comic warehouse sale today, so I was grabbing anything that had Constantine on it
  3. Actually you may be remembering it wrong, unless I missed something. In the ending of Hellblazer issue 9, Constantine is about to tell Swamp Thing about his plan, but Swamp just forcefully inserted himself into his body in issue 76 and spends a few panels talking about how he conned the con man, even in issue 10 of Hellblazer, Constantine initially thinks Swamps has murdered him. John had to come back to his body because he was being chased by Nergal, he knew they were at the climax but had no choice, but I can totally see how Abigail may have though he did that on purpose. If I reme
  4. Awesome! That is exactly what I was looking for, now the timeline makes a little more sense than the guide I was following, although it is still confusing, like how sometimes Constantine has days worth of adventures, but it has only been a few hours in the Swamp Thing... Oh well this is as good as it can get, I am already in issue 10 and liking it a lot. That sounds like a good idea; for Swamp Thing, Alan Moore is considered the "essential run", although I personally love some of the story arcs before and after him (except Season 4, that was just a mess..) does Hellblazer have someth
  5. That looks like one of the names listed in the Goetia to me 0_0
  6. Well I was trying to do just that... but reading appearance in order would help a lot at least, the site sounds awesome but it seems to be offline, not sure if you typed it wrong or just temporarily down. So are you saying to just read all of Hellblazer in order, then go back and read all the crossovers? Well it seems that some crossovers are important, to read as for example: *SWAMP THING SPOILERS!!!!!!!!* In the last issue of Swamp Thing Season 2, we see that Constantine is at a hospital with a few people witnessing the birth of a Messiah like f
  7. So I couple of months ago I bought every single issue of Swamp Thing, including cameos..yes even those issues where he teamed up with Challengers of the Unknown... it cost me a small fortune but managed to do it. It was a head-ache figuring out the reading order but eventually figured it out. Now I decided the do the same with Hellblazer and its turning out to be even harder! I am re-reading Swamp Thing as I go, following this guide: http://hellblazertrades.com/ But it simply does not make sense. For example, it says to read up to volume 5 of Swamp thing and then start original
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