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  1. Or he's bowing his head in shame.
  2. That's my take too. He looks decidedly unhappy. And Sean Phillips knows Hellblazer.
  3. No. But I'm not really here to quibble that opening line. Rather to commend Twisted Romance.
  4. DHP was okay. Cheval Noir was better. I have them all in a box.
  5. Apparently it's for the 1000th Action Comics or Superman or something. It'll be the first Sean Phillips variant I don't buy.
  6. It's a KNOWN FACT that the US comics "market" hates anthology comics. So I wish to draw your attention to Twisted Romance. A four issue, weekly series from Alex De Campi (Smoke, No Mercy, Grindhouse) and friends. Some really nice little stories on the theme of romance in its widest sense, and a healthy variety of styles. Outsider indie of Sarah Horrocks, cool contemporary cartoonery of Kate Skelly and Sarah Winifred Searle, a retro space age update of Tom & Jerry from Margaret Trauth. And Little Nemo meets Aubrey Beardsley in a Fairy Tale from De Campi and Trungles. The highlight for me is Invincible Heart by De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil. Space Pirates ! Planets of Doom! Seduction! all beautifully drawn in black and white.
  7. As noted elsewhere (and maybe here, as I am employing RetConn policies to rejig some of our discussions) I have been reading more of these books recently. Three issues of the Doom Patrol book that feature The Brotherhood of Dada (now Nada) that are amusing. But I am not sure this is anything more than a decent cover version. (Of Milligan and Morrison's DP) I might give it a few issues. The Milk Wars crossover showcased the Young Animal books nicely, but only Shade The Changing Woman intrigued me enough to try that. So #1 of STCW starts with a dialogue between TCM and TCW. There's something of a 1960s Bryan Talbot vibe to the art. I think there may be a recap montage. Or at least the first few pages don't grab me. When it goes back to the current "Madness" I really like the art's simple lines, and it gets a bit Yellow Submarine for a moment. But all told, I don't latch on to the characters. Maybe because I am reading two decent Milligan tales of extraordinary Madness (Kid Lob and Legion) Funnily enough there's a short story addendum, which I find much more satisfying.
  8. He might have inappropriately touched some lady actors.
  9. I am most impressed with the 4th series spin (avoiding spoilers) on the world our heroes inhabit. But especially where Blaine's dad ends up.
  10. A. Heathen

    DC Comics

    Just got to the Swamp Thing one. 4th episode. So Superman is Milkman Man (milk is at the core of the Evil RetConn plot); Wonder Woman is Wonder Wife; Batman is Father Bruce. The first issue being Doom Patrol worked for me. I quite liked the peril of WW being solved by multiple persona of Shade TCW, and the orphan kids being turned into Kid Wonder furry-inspired sidekicks was priceless. Not so keen on Mother Panic as a character though. Amusing series of crossover so far
  11. A. Heathen

    DC Comics

    Im not that fussed with Terrific Comics. The Milk Wars thing manages to channel the bonkers parts of Doom Patrol after Morrison and sends to the Justice League in a very droll manner (though I am about to read the Batman one and might be seeking compensation for Rick Veitch judging by that cover). Enjoyable.
  12. I reckon folks should check out Fabbri's Instagram. Not just any folks but folks who LOVE WAR COMICS.
  13. https://twitter.com/seanpphillips/status/943521896959799298 It's not just the Sean Phillips covers this time. One of the best introductory issues of an arc for a loooong time on Hellblazer turf. His relationship with the copper continues to have an effect on Constantine. And the issue tells you all you need to know - no need to go and read it again! The art is perfect. Fabbri and Dalla Vecchia channelling dark and broody (sic) somewhere between David Lloyd and John Higgins. And with links to the mob-based tales that Peter Milligan attempted to steal from Garth Ennis. Then it opens on a two page spread of Hell that's pretty much finest Pewter Age Hellblazer. First one I will wholeheartedly recommend since Ray Fawkes and Jeremy Haun were hipsterised out of the neighbourhood. Also contains a @@@@ing gorgeous preview of something called Brimstone, coming soon from the DC.
  14. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yesterday and Thor Ragnarok. Great fun, and I really do like how they have rehabilitated some of the villains in the Marvel universe films. Jeff Goldblum should totally appear as the main villain in #3. And I reckon that's my favourite Stan Lee cameo (with the barber in TR close second) outside of Deadpool trailers.
  15. I was thinking, reading your first paragraph, how it reminds me of the Golden Age (lol) of Kurt Busiek, whose Astro City took on some of his ideas that didn't fit at the big two and has become a much better thing. Obviously Lemire had to do a bit more work before he could get to Black Hammer, but you're right that it fits nicely here. I can't remember the last time my top 5 comics did not include work by Lemire. Think I'll pop into the comic shop when I venture to Snowbound Harrow later to purchase cold alleviating medicines (which I cannot mention by name as it's also a Marvel character)
  16. http://www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk/headlines/karen-berger-shelly-bond-25-years-vertigo/ https://www.darkhorse.com/Blog/2606/berger-books-dark-horse https://www.idwpublishing.com/category/black-crown/ VERTIGO LIVES ! (not at DC though, not really.)
  17. I think I bought the Legion collection. How does this work? What's the one that Mike Carey wrote? Hmm, maybe I didn't buy it. Unless I sent it to the wrong address. I looked at it in the shop and the later art is distressing. Meanwhile, I found some bags of old comics that I must have brought from my Dad's last year. The Lost (Andreyko, Showman, Geldhof) Squalor (Petrucha) Empty Love Stories #1 (Steve Darnall, various artists) which reminds me to recommend Twisted Romance anthology, a weekly burst of fun) And... wait for it ... Ethan Van Sciver's Cyberfrog ! How times have changed.
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