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  1. "Caught in the middle of the war between Angels and Demons, John Constantine must find a way to stop Demons from possessing the bodies of innocent people and becoming half-breeds"--IMDB Isn't this really similar to the plot of the first one?
  2. This is the most recent info I could find on the subject, which luckily isn't as assuring as the previous links. http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/12/01/dir...-constantine-2/
  3. cowardm


    I think it was Andy Diggle who said he would have Clive Owen play John. I know there's not a crazy amount of resemblance, but he's a sharp lookin' guy, a great actor, great at playing that EXACT sort of character, and best of all British. I saw the movie before reading the comics (though the movie didn't inspire me to pick them up, I found a All His Engines for dirt cheap and it looked good) and I really liked the movie. Then I read the comics and I felt like the movie was trying to make an orange look like an apple. In this case, the movie, by any other name would have been better received. And as said on here before, it's one of the better movies of its genre. Personally, I think it would be right on to have an ADULT animated series (like Spawn had) that is really well done and kicks a lot of ass. Like a non-rushed really ambitious project with great art, great voice acting, and true-to-the-story plots. On the other hand, we never see movies and are like "Man that would make a great book or graphic novel", yet we read books or graphic novels and want a movie of them. I guess it's because real life motion and audio is more stimulating than imagining it yourself, but I think there's something to be said for the integrity of the comic medium. It's kind of like this for me, words on a page can read at any pace. You can stop and think about them, reread them, contemplate the meaning, and understand it better. Not only does a comic offer that substantial benefit to written word, but it also gives you a visualization which is an artistic manifestation of the written word. Doesn't make a movie sound so grand does it?
  4. Sounds like a stage name to me! But yeah, it's a possibility. I think this is our opportunity to find out if John is bi or not
  5. On one hand, it's all to much to be a coincidence, on the other hand, this guy doesn't look like the type to know what Hellblazer is, in spite of the Keanu movie. I wonder if he knows, and if he doesn't if one of us should let him in on the secret...
  6. I suppose he's been in good movies I hadn't thought of. Scanner Darkly was great, and Speed was decent. He's still just a crappy actor.
  7. There are more recent articles I found via a search on Google, which doesn't mean it's confirmed, but it also makes the movie a bit more real. IMDB has categorized it as "In Production", but it's slated for this year or next which makes me think if it was greenlit we'd know for sure, although the people in the article were REALLY confident about it in spite of it being a year and a half ago. If they picked a story arc out of the comics and stuck as close to it as possible that'd have some potential. Dracula sucked. I'd rather see Lee and Peter Cushing in those roles again (which were great flicks by the way)! Keanu isn't responsible for how terrible it was, although, he contributed to it. Pretty much the only good thing he's been in is the Matrix, which his acting sucked in and the sequels sucked. As for the Day the Earth Stood Still, it shouldn't be remade it's too classic.
  8. Well if the movie had not been associated with the comic it might have been at least decent. also, i found this on rotten tomatoes http://www.rottentomatoes.com/news/1647843/ If it's not in America or Britain then I wonder where he'll end up? Hopefully not anywhere too weird...
  9. This might have been posted before, but if it has I hadn't noticed. A simple Google search showed this: http://www.firstshowing.net/2006/11/18/con...ed-coming-soon/ Doesn't look like we should be looking forward to it considering it's the same dolts doing it all over again. Let's just hope he's picked smoking up again, otherwise they might as well just name it Bill and Ted 3
  10. To be honest I just heard a rumor once...
  11. Well, Keunu Reeves is bisexual and he played John Constantine in the movie so John Constantine must be bisexual! This also means John probably knows Kung Fu, likes Iron Maiden, time travels on occasion...ok maybe not. I do have to say the Devil's Advocate wasn't so far off the Hellblazer feel.
  12. It's certainly obvious that he was just using Manor; however, to participate in such activities in the way John did, at least takes more tolerance than your average straight guy has. On top of that it's been mentioned that he's had "boyfriends", but throughout all of Hellblazer he has only ever had girlfriends (to my knowledge). If he is indeed bisexual, he certainly has a greater affinity for women considering it's not only who he makes moves on but has incredibly erotic sex with. If quotes from the comics are any indication, I'd certainly say he's bisexual; however, that was long ago and people change over 20 years. Maybe he "was" and isn't anymore? I know in this era of "tolerance" it's not so political correct to say this, but if John is bisexual, I'm quite content at it's current portrayal as virtually non-existent. It's not because I'm some random homophobe or fag-hater, but I actually just think it's a bit out of his character to be blatantly bisexual, and it's within his character to be mysteriously possibly bisexual, if that makes sense. It's been debated on here before (I have a low post-count, but I've lurked a while now) and it really just boils down to your own interpretation of John's past and John as a character. It's with this that people like me who find it out of character with him or homophobes (unlike me) can be comfortable with the series, while people like AfterElton (the article linked of the top 10 GLBT characters) can celebrate another great character who is or is possibly gay. In short, I wouldn't put anything past John Constantine, but the ambiguity of the matter is probably best left that way.
  13. Manco is definitely my favorite Hellblazer artist, particularly his work with Diggle. Does anyone know what The Messenger is?
  14. he's had to have run out of that special chalk by now. also, he could probably use a pack of condoms so that business with rosacarnsis doesn't happen again.
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