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  1. Claire

    The webcomics thread

    Hi all. Dropping by out of the blue to share this. http://americancapta...ed/comic/chrono
  2. http://www.wayfarergallery.net/roddysfilmcompanion/?p=420

    Claire, is this you she thanks?. And is that really funny if so, I was browsing the web and read an article she wrote, scrolled down and saw your name!.

  3. Claire


    My, my... that was rather seedy.
  4. Claire

    The webcomics thread

    It's actually an online archive of previously printed comics, but seriously I can't rave enough about Roddy's Film Companion. It's a fictionalised autobiography told through the life of actor and former child star Roddy McDowall (How Green Was My Valley, Cleopatra, Planet of the Apes, Fright Night).
  5. This is a brilliant idea Ade. I almost never comment on the new issues as I get so much later that everthing I want to say already been posted. This way I might get a turn to not be the rundadent one.
  6. Bonnie is the queen of bad ass.
  7. Excuse the digression into creepy flirting but I would totally put out for Bonnie.
  8. When we were buying tickets there was a little boy (looked about four years old) with his dad behind us. Soon as the kid sees the Superman Returns posters he starts bouncing up and down "Superman! Superman! Dad: Oh, do you like Superman? Kid: Yes! Dad: Well we're going to see Cars. (In a final word tone of voice.) My thoughts- dude, your kid is a preschooler and he's already cooler than you'll ever be.
  9. I can pretty much echo the sentiments of everyone who's already posted, so instead of my full reaction here's a couple of things that struck me in particular. Absolutely agree. This movie was the first time I've ever really 'got' Superman as an alien. I was reminded of the angel characters in Wings of Desire, particularly when Superman watches Lois in her home which for me had the same feel as scenes of angels moving through human lives in Wings of Desire. Without any angsting it got across the deep underlying saddess of living in the gulf between being able to help everyone briefly, and being to able know and truely relate to anyone in particular. I also loved the flying scenes, which I found incredibly sensual (anyone else think this, or just me?) I think many films recently have put too much whizz-bangery in their flying scenes, loosing the simple wonder of being able to fly. The quietness of some of Superman's flight scenes, the lack of urgency, the gentle rippling of his cloak, the gymnastic rather than action oriented flight poses, all created a timelessness and sense of joy in movement, a renewed amazement at the idea of moving through the air without falling. Lastly, did anyone else find the scene where Kitty remarks that there used to be two dogs, while remaining dog gnaws on it's former compainions bones hiliarious? Because I was the only person in the theatre who laughed. And by 'laugh' I mean 'laughed hysterically well into the next scene'. Then some children turned around to stare at me and I felt like a sick, sick person.
  10. Oh my, that was my favourite issue in ages. Now I'm really, really excited.
  11. I generally found Dorothy pretty heart breaking as well.
  12. Well I've considered her whore ever since she slept with Dean while he was married.
  13. The way I read it was Gemma was coming down off her vengence, busted-the bastard's-knees trip, and not wanting to think that Simon was being manipulated, and thus not entirely to blame for his actions. By the next frame she's accepting John's story.
  14. Yes she took risks. And it would have been awful if she hadn't pulled it off. But she was completely sober, had dosed him with a shit load of drugs, and had reason to believe he was operating under the assuption that she was drugged and thus no threat. That rather narrows his chances of over powering her. In fact isn't John taking much more of a stupid risk coming to Gemma's rescue with no idea of what he might have to face?
  15. The danger is that, if not for her chance finding of the GBH, she would most likely have been raped and murdered.
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