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  1. Didn't the First say that Isa would return as a black nationalist? So that was God the Father?
  2. Well Lucifer left hell in the Sandman and that's why the First was introduced, hadn't Satan fork over the keys of hell, there would never be the First, or at least he wouldn't be named the first. And since there is no sandman movieverse, having the name 'the First' will confuse the audience. Why can't I have a personal picture? HARAM ZADEH!
  3. Ditto, the man from parlock thing was alright, as was Kon the 1st, didn't mind Cpl Bill either.
  4. The picture was slowly loading and when I saw chas's hat hovering over John's lap I had some worried thoughts. Merry Chrismas and Deep throat to you all.
  5. Okay, so later on, does he appear as the bearded fortuneteller or as the guy with the glowing head?
  6. Huh, God looks Iraqi. I KNEW IT!
  7. It was originally written as starring a Cockney Accented Brit is NY, but no producers were interested so they change the nationality to american and then got the money. But frankly it doesn't bother me that much, noehter blonde noe english makes Constantine Constantine, Assholyness and Cohones makes Constantine Constantine, ofcourse that was seriosuly watered down.
  8. I know that Lucifer walked out of Hell in The Sandman and thus the First of the fallen took his place eventually, but my friend who is a Lucifer reader says that a guy called Chris Rudd is the ruler and it was before ruled by two angels named Duma and Remiel. Now my friend works in a paint store so he might be out of it, but I was wondering if you can confirm that.
  9. You're a bloody saint, mark. I have a couple of questions, did Anne-Marrie's face get disfigured, cause in the final pannel she looks strange, I don't know if it's wrinkles or acid burns. And were there any other stories with the Newcastle crew?
  10. It's not oppening, John Mac, witch software is required?
  11. I'm from Bahrain, it's an island off the coast of Saudia, you might recognize it as the place where Michael Jackson hangs his hat these days. Anyway, Vertigo comics are banned in these parts for their religious content, and I manage to get them through a guy who works at duty free trading, I've checked with him and he definitly can't get them for me, 'Rare Cuts' I mean. And It's good to be onboard, any help would be appreciated if possible.
  12. Hi, I'm a first time poster from the Mid East, I was wondering if anyone had scans of hellblazer 11, the Newcastle issue. I've been looking for it and it seems to be out of print. Thanks.
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