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  1. Recent episodes feel like they were reedited for the dumb, but episode 6 really raised the bar. Almost stands on its own as a Watchmen supplemental story, too.
  2. That was surprisingly pretty damn good actually. Can still go south, but as far as first episodes go, it made me look forward to a second.
  3. As a non Spider Man fan I absolutely loved it.
  4. It was! Far too good to the the confluence of Seth Rogen and The Boys. Didn't notice the thing you mention, John.
  5. Don't WB own merch rights for those?
  6. Never read Doom Patrol, but I am liking it. Crazy Jane is my favorite. Swearing sounds awakawrd, though.
  7. It is allegedly aiming for darker and more serious, but it just looks the same as GDT without GDT's charm. Harbour is a good fit for Hellboy, though.
  8. There's plenty of stuff that's not from the books, including additions like the Omani chap's story after his onenight stand, Vulcan, and the dead wife/leperchaun roadtrip, as well as stuff that's markedly different, like the season ending and Easter's actions. So it isn't a word-for-word adaptation (plenty of stuff lifted from the book, though, like THAT scene with Bilquis, and the Stormare stuff) and it'll clearly diverge some more. Still, it delivers on what the book was on.
  9. It is a fairly broadstrokes adaptation and yet everything about it I feel could have been done by Garf.
  10. Did anyone see James Bond #11 or is that an urban myth?
  11. Only three episodes in but yeah, it is great.
  12. Last season ended the HYDRA arc, so perhaps not that lost, but some characters have dangling threads. Of note
  13. Suicide Squad did not suck. I mean, maybe it'll suck for you. Different folks and all. It isn't perfect, but I liked it.
  14. I liked it, all things considered. I found comics Custer to be something of a neo macho -orwhatever you want to call it- stereotype, and I like show Jesse a bit better. I agree with Pooka on Tulip, though I like Negga in the role. I'm sad to see that Tulip's relationship with her father is out.
  15. I like it and would watch more but it isn't at all suited to a a weekly format.
  16. So it turns out this show is in the same universe as Breaking Bad. Or rather they use that dam for shady transport.
  17. I'd be very happy if at some point, Cage stormed Avengers mansion to demand 200 dollars that they owe him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymw5uvViqPU&feature=youtu.be
  18. So is it confirmed that it is the four of them or will some other supporting characters like Punisher, Hellcat etc gonna be involved, too?
  19. The Saint of Killers flashbacks are hella ropey. I'm guessing the big reveal of the season finale is that he's still around as heaven's bounty hunter.
  20. Yeah I'm not finding myself compelled to keep turning in, gonna trade wait.
  21. I'm guessing a multiple location shoot is probably unfeasible for the first season, especially given the potentially alienating premise. But I found the characters of the comic hard to like in the beginning, in part because of how they take the destruction of Jesse's congregation in stride. Disappointed over the lack of saint, myself. Do you reckon the vampire hunters from the pilot are the grail or something?
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