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  1. I'm dubious that The Wake has much impact, myself: apart from "Sunday Mourning" it's definitely a wasted opportunity.
  2. It seems a bit strange that people are talking up The Sandman while dissing maus for being overrated: are you sure that large chunks of the Sandman aren't irrelevant and pointless time wasting that neither advance the story nor reveal any insight into the characters? (A Game of You, most of The Wake and the third set of short stories for a start, though I admit I'm prejudiced against the latter because Gaiman never did another single issue story that even gets close to Calliope or the element girl one...) Maus may not be better, but it definitely isn't as good as Delano's run on Hellblazer, Milligan's run on Shade, Moore's runs on Swamp Thing Thing and Miracleman, Tomb of Dracula, Preacher, or Lucifer.
  3. dogpoet

    Big books of comics

    You only really need the Warren Ellis stuff (Mark Miller isn't bad but seems to have used it as a dry run for The Ultimates, and you'd probably be better off reading that instead: after him the comic goes down the toilet) so just the first two collections, really.
  4. It's a fair point, but the assumption that Peter and Harry kissing is worse than Gwen getting her neck broken is a bit of an odd one. That said, there's one of the Eternals (Makkari?) who's apparently gay, and I think there's one of the lot from Titan as well.
  5. dogpoet


    I was a bit pissed off that Carlos Equezzera only illustrated the issue of that set in Hell, though. As for Starr, what did everyone make of the One Man's War oneshot?
  6. dogpoet


    The ending is a massive cop out, but that aside, I love it.
  7. Roger Stern presumably wrote it purely to upset John Byrne. He's the fellow who was doing Ghost Rider before DeMattias took over and the death of Superman business, isn't he?
  8. I'm in awe of Howard Phillips Lovecraft: I wouldn't necessarily want to work with the right wing twerp, though.
  9. dogpoet

    Johnny Red

    Pity. Still, if it's keeping him solvent, why does he need to bother with the other?
  10. dogpoet

    Johnny Red

    Very talented guy that John Cooper. Is he doing anything at the moment?
  11. dogpoet

    Big books of comics

    The first essential FF is well ropey, though: I was pretty surprised Kirby ever did any artwork that bad, to be honest.
  12. There's no reason you should have heard of him, he's a pretty terrible writer. They just mentioned that some halfwits have given him another comic to write in the last CI and I noticed that he was (if you're right) still in the closet.
  13. ...why does he have a poofy job like writing about chaps in tights hitting each other in the first place?
  14. I'd rather eat my own shit than read that, to be honest. I wish King would consider keeping his promises to stop writing occasionally.
  15. So does faster than light travel and matter transmission, though...
  16. Have a look on ebay to see if you can find a copy of Slaine the King: it gets less attention than Slaine: The Horned God, because it doesn't have Simon Bisley drawing women in the nip, but Fabry's art in that is stunning. (He did a lot of Slaine before that, but I don't think any of that's been collected. I was well narked when the last rebellion collection series went down the tubes after they'd published one book's worth. There's a load of that stuff that's out of print and a lot of it is pretty wonderful.)
  17. It could be an age thing, Mark: I remember reading (and loving) his stuff on Slaine. I like the detail in his art as well, and the graininess: there's more than a whiff of Talbot there. And I do feel his art was pretty well perfect in that Thor miniseries. (Haven't read the Kev stuff...)
  18. Whatever people say against Ennis, at least he's got Fabry doing art inside of comics as well as the covers... (Forgot about Mignola: can I have 28 artists, Mark?) Miller appears to have drawn "More Dark Knight" with his feet.
  19. I wonder if I'd be a better writer if I had no social skills?
  20. I really should check out how to spell Equezzera if I'm going to keep talking the fellow up...
  21. Putting aside Bad Blood, I'd still like to see Constantine reach a high age. Still, I like Rogan's idea but, correct me if I'm wrong because I don't read Lucifer, but can you really make Hell that elaborate? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Hellblazer story Delano did about an aging Constantine dying after civilisation's fallen apart was a good one as well. Christian, Ennis' Constantine bloody well wasn't the same character as Delano's. Maybe he was the post Crisis Constantine...
  22. I've just thought of another dozen, though!
  23. *sighs heavily and chucks stuff out* Kevin O'Neill Carlos Equezzera Brendan McCarthy Bryan Talbot Brian Bolland Dean Ormston Ian Gibson Teddy Kristiansen Glenn Fabry Howard Chaykin
  24. Goscinny and Underzo! Christ almighty, they should be in there, right enough. Finn, it's still a fair point: the handguns from the first world war do look a lot less clunky. Weren't the Ingrams an early design and they used lighter bullets for most of the smgs designed since in the hope that it'd be possible to actually hit something with them?
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