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  1. See, I don't want it compared to a shit show & looking good- I want it compared to a GREAT show and holding its own. There's lines from The X-Files and Buffy and Farscape I can remember from the original transmission because they were so good. The only memorable lines in Constantine are taken from the comic. Hopefully this is something that will improve in time.
  2. SB- it's admirable you're so positive about the show, but there's better writing in stuff aimed at preventing-schoolers. It needs sharpening up a lot as it really lets the show down.
  3. You're absolutely right. Get someone in who can write good dialogue that is snappy, funny and moving when it needs to be and the show would improve immensely.
  4. I like Zed's lipstick A LOT. Couple of lines that made me smile (Achilles tendon & the glove puppet bit. )
  5. I think Mark has pretty much said all that needs to be said, very eloquently, as usual. Thank you, mate.
  6. I can hardly see that picture on my phone, but fair play, she's not some skinny 20 year old.
  7. I think the reason for that is because with Hellblazer, most of John's abilities were his wit and knowledge. But here in the north, views come from special effects and a lot of magic stuff. Especially in America where we are so use to Harry Potter that we expect some magic stuff. I hate that because magic stuff sells but not actual knowledge and intelligence of that magic. Well Matt Ryan is in his thirties in this show. And this is John in his earlier days and not in his forties, so it would make sense for her to be around the same age. She's 40 in Newcastle. But it's a minor thing r
  8. I don't know who that is, so I googled her. There's plenty of attractive women in their forties, without needing to cast a thirty year old. But that's TV isn't it?
  9. And the you-know-what looked a bit mid '00s Resident Evil for my liking. Hopefully it'll be a man-in-a-suit close up.
  10. Overall I liked that much more than any of the others, although there were (as Ade notes) plenty of predictable moments. Still not a fan of the writing, which is mediocre. Ann Marie looks AMAZING for a middle aged woman, doesn't she? Honestly, I'm as annoyed about that as the bisexuals are about John's girlfriends.
  11. Maybe it's just a temporary thing. Like John is trying something out. I guess that tattoo on his chest is something to do with it, I don't keep up with all these threads so I've missed any discussion about that. I'm not going to let it get to me, else I'll have to rewatch the movie to see how fings could be worser.
  12. Christ, apparently he's from Hollyoaks!* *Awful British soap for teens. Horrible.
  13. I thought about that, but I thought you'd have to be pretty stupid to buy it.
  14. Yes, a bit less magic magic and a bit more con man magic. And YES, lose the bloody map. I don't care if that's the real reason he can pop up wherever trouble strikes, I don't want to see it. He needs some air of mystery. Agreed about the cancer too. What a shitty resolution indeed. Hey it's ok if I get my cancer back! It's no biggie now! No one dies of that anymore!
  15. My other half went "psychic paper" in a disapproving way. I myself would've prefered a Derren Brown style piece of trickery there. Hypnosis. Whatever. I'm still not feeling it, but it could build. Interested to see what they do with FotF. Yes, Matt Ryan is very good.
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