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  1. Oh wow. I grew up as a teenager to U.S. underground comics, which started to be published in a big way in the 1970s, so I saw these as they came out. I hadn't heard of either of the titles Christian mentioned in his original post, but Spain also did many multiple page one-offs. One I read was about Josef Stalin, one about what happened with a motorcyclist club called the Road Vultures at a biker event, and there were a bunch more. It's funny. You read some things as a young person, especially something that's part of a cultural movement, and they were good enough that you remember t
  2. This makes the most sense to me. I'd only disagree with the last clause; the London overlay would be habit by now, though a little time in Liverpool might bring out a bit of the original accent to anyone who is paying attention, especially if that's Constantine's intention. As to which cultural figure's voice would be best, I don't have enough handle on British cultural figures or British accents. I often can't tell British accents from those of other Commonwealth countries. But some time spent in London would probably be fascinating for all the distinctly different accents in one place
  3. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    Great find, Husamuddin! And while I don't know what will happen, I'm very much looking forward to Sombath kicking the river goddess's ass. http://girlamatic.com/godseeker/2010/03/22/80/
  4. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    I am, but I can let it slip for weeks at a time. They've been in that castle fussing with the same stuff for far too long now. Btw, good superhero strip, Red, and great one, Husamuddin! (I don't think Red will feel slighted by this, since he might agree with it.)
  5. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    The trouble at Keenspot: http://www.fleen.com/archives/2009/12/22/some-days-i-feel-like-a-real-goddamn-journalist/
  6. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    Ah, the holiday season: http://devilspanties.keenspot.com/d/20100106.html
  7. In that regard, Garth "the biggest closet case since Norman Mailer" Ennis is in a class by himself.
  8. I'd hope that they'd have more sense than to try that. I don't get the impression that the reason they bought out Marvel is because they want Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis scripting funny animal comics, at least. Sonic the Hedgehog isn't Disney, is it? No. (It's Archie Comics the last time I checked.)
  9. I should add, though, that the comic-writing world still has a little trouble writing gay characters that feel real (at least to me). That's certainly not true of every single gay character, but it isn't too uncommon either.
  10. Good article, Greg! And good sequel to your article about black characters in comics. I have to echo the "depressing" remark. Are so many comic fans really that backward? Great. It's funny how some people in favored groups get to feel entitled to seeing portrayals of only people like themselves, or at least get used to it and comfortable with it, especially after the media have fed them on a diet of straights only or almost exclusively white shows and movies, never mind comics. Addition - Though I do think that people of color have often been introduced to entertainment fare
  11. To be humbly honest, it was pretty much what I remembered of some panels from a reprint of the original Jonah Hex title. But I think its effectiveness is yet another example of the rightness of keeping to the substance and spirit of the original material when making a comic book movie. (Which I yet again wish fervently that the makers of Constantine had done.) Comic book panels make such good story boards! I can see in my minds eye, now more clearly than ever, what a faithful Hellblazer movie might have looked. It would have appeared low-key much of the time, with asshole bartender
  12. I really would like to see a good treatment of Jonah Hex on the silver screen. Hopefully this will fit the bill. I guess it's not surprising they have some piece of ass on the movie poster with him: video entertainment has gotten to be very T&A over the past number of years. I think it would have been better to see Hex walking down the main street of some western small town with the "solid citizens" of the town (mayor, richest man and such) looking on him with disapproval and worry, perhaps with the poster art implying heroism and/or other possible redeeming qualities in Hex in def
  13. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    Hottest Women in Comics and Anime: http://www.thomastheinnkeeper.com/hwic/
  14. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    Here's a frustrating but fun little webcomic game: http://www.wcihigh.com/hangman/hangman.php
  15. Josh

    The webcomics thread

    Which is the word for beer?
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