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  1. I still haven't voted. It's so hard. They're all so... shitty. How can I possibly decide? I almost voted for Agent Turro. But then I remembered Nigel. And the King of Vampires is pretty bad, too. I better decide soon. When are you closing this?
  2. I voted "alright", but then, I haven't read much other than the stories collected in trades. So maybe if one day I do end up reading all his stuff I'll have a worse opinion of him.
  3. Yes! Finally one I can completely agree with. I think that as poorly written as the King of Vampires and the First of the Fallen were, they had some redeeming qualities. Or at least, I enjoyed some parts of Constantine's interaction with them.
  4. Not only have I not been around the forum much, but I just remembered that I have probably a bunch of comics to pick up at the comic book store including this issue of Hellblazer.
  5. Maybe it'll look better in the movie. Isn't that what someone said about the tank in the last movie? That they weren't impressed by early promo pics, but liked the final result in the film? Maybe it'll be like that.
  6. Well, I think it looks kind of silly.
  7. Haha! That is exactly what I thought! Good job, Jason.
  8. Yeah! That one, too. Again not exactly the same, but too familiar.
  9. I gave it a 7. I don't think it was as good as the last two-parter. And it felt a bit too familiar to me. John finds out he has some creature leeching off his power so he incorporates it and destroys it? I guess it hasn't been done, but it was a bit similar to the Golden Boy and Demon Constantine, I think.
  10. That's how I feel. But I think Batman Begins should have at least been higher than Men In Black, no?
  11. Men in Black outranked Batman Begins? What?! Annie was a comic book?
  12. My friend Tara just started reading it. She drew this on my facebook page, look! I was so impressed, especially with the blood.
  13. There's also John's Gay League page. That needs to be written up as well.
  14. Just vote as Coralys. And seriously who gave it a 4? (I just want to hear the rationale) Haha, I just gave it an 8! (Before seeing this.)
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