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  1. It's kind of funny. Throughout most of the original Hellblazer, Gemma was typically just the kid niece of John who got into incredibly sticky situations that John rescued her from; from Jamie Delano's story of a Damnation Army fanatic strangling underage girls to Garth Ennis' story of her being pressured by this bully to do a blood ritual. Gemma as a child I didn't find really interesting (she still had her good moments in the comics as a kid), and it wasn't until Mike Carey's run on Hellblazer that the character became interesting in my eyes. One of the reasons why Mike Carey's Hellblaze
  2. Well, I was in a pub, drinking a stout at the bar and I noticed this old bloke in his mid 60’s from the corner of my eye in a trench coat sitting in the corner alone just drinking and chain-smoking from a pack of Silk Cuts. He had a very distinctive scar over his left eye. There was this look in his eyes that told me that I should avoid him at all cost, but there was undeniably some deep pain he was carrying around in those eyes. I believed he noticed me looking at him and I looked in a different direction, pretending like I never saw the man. He got up from his seat and started walking toward
  3. The Azzarello run although weird, I interpreted his run like John wrote a really bad fanfiction about himself. John while writing, "So, I went to prison, escaped, went on a journey across America, I might had or not had sex with a dog, killed all the skinheads, and got into some really kinky stuff with SW Manor." The stories I enjoyed the most out of the Azzarello era were Freezes Over along with Lapdogs and Englishmen. After Ashes and Dust, I really needed Mike Carey's High on Life where Cheryl gives John the smackdown about giving everyone the scare about being officially dead on paper.
  4. Finally! I found a forum site to discuss all things Hellblazer. Yeah, if this reaction didn't give it away, I was absolutely dying to talk about Hellblazer. I've been a Hellblazer fan for a few months and in those few months, I've read up to Milligan's run just before John gets married and stopped there due to not enjoying what I was reading. This is a character I found so interesting and he's so three-dimensional. It's why I find it really depressing that Johnny boy doesn't get the attention he deserves. It's oddly fitting considering how normal and insignificant John is, but that's wh
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