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  1. TPB Covers

    Now that's more like it. To be fair the one in my original post received some praise on Facebook so maybe it's just an old man thing!
  2. Upgrade

    We (which is to say, the forum hosts!) are currently upgrading the site, we're a few versions behind so there's a rebuild process running in the background that may cause some weirdness/performance issues. Currently 40% complete.
  3. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Happy to see Wild Storm is still trucking along and that the first spin-off has been solicited, will keep an eye out for a (virtual) collection of the first 6 issues.
  4. TPB Covers

    To start on a positive, it's absolutely fantastic that DC are slowly releasing a complete collection of OG Hellblazer in trades. On the negative side though, what is up with some of the covers ? The series has been blessed with some of the best cover artists ever to grace the industry and this is the kind of thing they're putting on the trades - Any one of the Bradstreet covers for the original issues collected therein is streets ahead of this....thing...that wouldn't look out of place down the cheap end of a Manga shop. (Not inspired by the fact they didn't use the cover that namechecks myself and Ade, honest)
  5. Video Games

    Finished a non-lethal play through of Dishonored 2, had a pretty good time - the pacifist powers were more fun though the Freeze Time ability kind of broke the game in terms of making it far too easy. Divinity Original Sin 2 hits tomorrow, cannae wait!
  6. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Welcome, I think that's a great summation of Garth's writing at its best and the reason why 'Dangerous Habits' will always be my first recommendation to anyone thinking about reading some Hellblazer comics.
  7. Comics Shipping the Week of September 11th 2017

    Nothing for me, deep into Kirkman's Avengers and really enjoying it.
  8. Video Games

    Picked up Dishonoured 2 after Prey got my PC juices running, enjoying it more than I thought I would too. The first game left me with conflicted views, I liked the world and the art-style but thought my decision to play non-lethal blocked me off from all the cool toys. That hasn't been the issue with the sequel so far, taking control of people and marching them into dark alleyways before having my way with them has been a lot of fun. That said, while my main playthrough is as non-lethal Corvo my side-piece action with kill-crazy Emily has been the real highlight. She has an ability that allows her to link multiple people together so that whatever happens to one happens to all - link four folk together, cut one of their throats and...four dead bodies. I'm playing her as the Joker, it's not going well for anyone who crosses her path.
  9. Fantastic Epics

    Finished Tower Of The Swallow, the penultimate book in The Witcher series. The series as a whole remains weirdly disjointed, there's no real end goal in sight but the world remains grimly fascinating and the characters interesting. My favourite thing about the series might actually be how everyone kind of rips the piss out of Geralt (when they're not all desperate to fuck him). Anyway, the fifth and final book isn't out in mass market paperback yet so will have to wait on that to put my time with Geralt to bed...so to speak. Currently reading the ridiculously named "When you die, you die" by Angus Watson of Iron trilogy fame. He hits my Gemmell buttons with his action packed tales of oddball badasses. Pretty good so far. Most of the Wheel Of Time series perches on my shelves, goading me into starting the impossible task of a full series read through...maybe next year.
  10. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    Hmmmmmmmm, if Ade liked it....
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of September 4th 2017

    Zombie week, the Walking Dead for me.
  12. iron fist on netflix

    A slight correction, if you don't mind.... i can not comprehend this idea. does it work out like this: *little timmy comes into the office tim: "yes hello mister devil of hell's kitchen, can you help me, my cat is stuck in a tree"
  13. iron fist on netflix

    Maybe they plan spinning Misty and Wing out into a Heroes For Hire show down the line ?
  14. iron fist on netflix

    If you thought Iron Fist was shite, and it was, then don't bother with The Defenders as it's just as bad really. The hit rate for Marvel on Netflix is a little rough - first season of Daredevil and the first 1/2 of both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are good to great but otherwise....
  15. Video Games

    Played through Prey in a worryingly small number of marathon sessions and absolutely adored it - despite running into a bug that cost me two hours progress. Just a fantastic "one-of-those", if exploring space stations in the wake of an unspecified disaster is your thing then THIS is also your thing. The early set-up is pretty great and I loved pretty much everything about the game except the enemy types, which are limited and kind of rubbish. Probably my GOTY so far.