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    As far as music is concerned: Frank Black, Pixies, Sonic Youth plus the whole Grunge/Seattle scene.<br /><br />Star Wars and such.<br /><br />Thanks to this board, i've become interested in the Doctor, and also BSG.
  1. Hellboy/B.P.R.D. thread

    As much as I like them, I have always felt there was something off with the tone of the Hellboy movies.
  2. Comics Shipping Week of August 21st, 2017

    Lou makes it look so easy. Is that Hellboy book new material, I wonder?
  3. Comics Shipping the Week of August 7th 2017

    I think i'm going to check out the new Mister Miracle. I'm hearing good things.
  4. DC Comics

    Just when I thought I was done with comics, they pull me back in. I'll read this Terrifics book.
  5. The Hellblazer #11 & 12

    I accidentally bought issue 12, I'll let you know how I feel about it in a Month or so when I get around to reading it.
  6. Fables - A point in stopping???

    Im not sure what you are adking here. Do you mean the Fables Wolves between Us or whatever it was called that was based on the video game or Fables proper? I thought the former was pretty lame and dropped it early on, but i rode Fables to the bitter end. Its a good read overall, but as with any series that was around for a decade its story arcs vary in quality.
  7. Hellboy/B.P.R.D. thread

    Ive always had the impression that the co-writer was really just the writer and all Mignola just lent his name and maybe some plot points to those books

    Excellent finale. Be sure to stay for the post credits scene.

    The groovy dude in the ice cube is my new favorite. That look he gives at the end of this last episode was awesome.
  10. LEGION

    This show is so great. It's such a head trip. Aubrey Plaza is doing such great work. The whole cast is really nailing it.
  11. Le Hellblazer #7

    I know im late coming to this, but i really hated the art. I found it muddy and hard to follow. Maybe its my age, and i need to get some bifocals or something, but i really struggled with this issue. I almost quit it twice.
  12. Hellblazer pulp

    I like all of this. Make this happen. As long as it's in the original continuity im down. (Honestly, even it its not.) As far as back ups, maybe something with John's ghosts.
  13. Walking Dead

    You think Gabe went on his own or was abducted? Also, that herd mowdown was awesome.
  14. LEGION

    I dont know how well the show follows the comic, as i have never actually read it. But the first episode of this show was great. Super trippy in a good way.
  15. The Hellblazer & Dog Welder #6

    "I guess it's nice we finally got to know the villain's plan, though" Did we? Because i literally just put the issue down and couldn't tell you what it is. Im not feeling the retcon of Merc that is coming either. As far as tbe Dog Welder comic goes, i thought it was Bueno. Heh heh heh.