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19 May 2017 - 04:45 PM

Maybe they're really Djinn in a cunning disguise?

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18 May 2017 - 08:19 PM

If they nuke New York, that might be going far enough, depending on context. Las Vegas, who gives a fuck now that Steve Gerber and Elvis are both dead?

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18 May 2017 - 05:57 PM

If they're just messing shit up because they get to hit a reset button after they've trashed their universe, they're not going far enough.

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11 May 2017 - 10:39 AM

View PostChristian, on 10 May 2017 - 11:28 PM, said:

Ugh. The newly relaunched X-books will be participating in Secret Empire. That's a really bad idea, considering that the books are just starting out fresh, and trying to find a voice. They'll be quickly shoved in to a cross-over.
What sounds even worse is that solicitations make it sound as if the X-Men will be siding with Captain America for the event.
Nothing says redeeming a property that has been failing like turning the persecuted minority stand-ins in to fascist sympathizers!

You know, the furor over turning Captain America in to a Nazi was one thing. Red Skull used the cosmic cube to change history....at the end of the event, the reset button could be hit, and suddenly Cap wasn't a Nazi after all.
However, dragging other superheroes in to this event and having them decide to side with the fascists....yeah, that seems to be a bad business decision.
OK, Steve Rogers was just under the influence of the cosmic cube this whole time! He wasn't really a Nazi! Yeah, but what about all those superheroes who decided that fascism really is a good idea? Whoops! There's no resetting things back to zero for those guys, they're just tarnished.
So, if Marvel's whole idea was to revitalize the X-franchise, which they tried to run in to the ground due to movie rights....why would they even bother, if they're going to immediately run the property in to the ground again by revealing that the X-Men have zero problem supporting a fascist dictatorship?

I've seen people complaining about Magneto apparently siding with Captain America, and saying this is a slur against Jewish people, because of Magneto being Jewish.
I say it's a defensible position, if it's just Magneto. In the Heroes for Hunger one-shot benefit comic, Alan Moore wrote the Magneto scene, which showed a world where Magneto's vision for "mutant supremacy" had come about, and basically, Moore was saying that Magneto had become a new Hitler.
I like Magneto as a character, and don't really like the position (I'd like to see Magneto leading the opposition), but it is a position that you can at least understand.
However, to have the other X-Men embrace a fascist dictatorship is a different matter.
Emma Frost was just positioned as a psychotic villain again, rebuilding the Hellfire Club, due to the ending of "Inhumans vs. X-Men". Now, solicitations show that Emma Frost is leading the mutant resistance against Hydra, and attempting to rally a rebellion amongst the X-Men against Captain America's dictatorship.
What's the message here?

Marvel just finished Civil War 2, which featured hero versus hero, with Marvel claiming that both sides had a valid point. No, not really. I felt that a character like Captain Marvel was tarnished as an authoritarian due to the events of Civil War 2, but whatever. Marvel said that Secret Empire would be a case of heroes fighting villains, not heroes versus heroes again. Yet, it looks like Marvel wants Secret Empire to be another Civil War event, even though they just finished telling that story, and this time it's about some heroes embracing a dictatorship.
I can understand about Nick Spencer wanting to tell a story about the appeal of fascism, how so many people in Germany could come to see Hitler as a saviour. However, Marvel wants to continue to publish characters as superheroes after the events of Secret Empire, and making characters who are meant to be heroes in to apologists for fascism and dictatorship is asking far too much.
Why change the original idea of heroes fighting against evil? Why turn a sympathetic group of characters like the X-Men in to characters who can see the appeal of fascism?

Meanwhile, in better news, it seems that Marvel has backed away from their initial kneejerk reaction to falling sales by proclaiming "Diversity does not sell!". Instead, it seems to have dawned on someone that instead of alienating a segment of their core readers by lambasting them, that a better idea for plummeting Marvel sales may be the fact that they've been flooding the market for years....with books that no one reads, with constant cross-over events, and with yearly line-wide relaunches. Wow! Marvel looking themselves in the mirror and realizing that it is, indeed, bad business decisions that have hurt them, not the fact that they've put out too many "black or female superheroes"!
Instead of blaming minorities for law sales, Marvel is now cutting back their line of comics to a reasonable amount of new titles each month.

Marvel just has zero idea what they're doing. Some of their titles still tell a good story. They just seem to be making the stupidest decisions.
The problem was never "diversity". Comic books featuring minority characters that have been around for years sell a good amount of copies....Black Panther, Power Man and Iron Fist.....
The real demographic issue is that Marvel is creating legacy characters by introducing teenage characters to replace older characters, such as a teenage girl replacing Tony Stark as Iron Man.
The core age of comic book readers is 30s to early 40s in 2017. We're old. We don't really know much about youth culture. The comic book reader is set in tradition, they like reading about Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Norse god Thor fighting against super-villains.
The problem isn't diversity, but that Marvel has been busy tearing down their older characters (who are still starring in the movies, by the way!), and replacing them with young legacy characters.
Now, attempting to appeal to younger readers is a smart move. Us 42 year old hardcore fans aren't always going to be around to buy comics. Marvel needs to reach out to a new generation of fans.
It's the way Marvel has gone about doing this which is hurting the value of their characters.
Then, after tearing down these characters for years by showing that they're very unheroic, Marvel turns around and says, "OK. This isn't working. It's time to return back to basics!".
At the same time, they're making decisions like portraying certain of their characters as fascist sympathizers!
Is that the way to save these characters?
So, now we're left with a Marvel Universe where a lot of the young, legacy characters are the only superheroes who are actually acting like heroes!
Yet, Marvel's message is that they understand, and they're moving in a "back to basics" direction.
Fixing the X-Men titles by moving them back to the core principles that readers embraced with the X-titles for years is a good idea. Deciding that it's ok to then make the X-Men fascist sympathizers....yeah, not a good idea.
Is Marvel still trying to tear down their old characters and replace them with newer, heroic versions? Is Marvel backing away from doing this?
It seems that Marvel doesn't know what it's doing.
Maybe they've decided as the whole "replace all of the mutants with inhumans" thing didn't work, they now need to take more extreme measures to trash the franchise so that Sony will abandon it?
"These mutants are all social darwinists as well as believing they're the next stage in human evolution, so of course they're fascists..."

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09 May 2017 - 06:33 PM

I hear you. If you're getting reviews like that, somebody's going to read them and take an interest, I'd hope.