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  1. S.W. Manor:Why won't you love me,Fergus?!


    Father Sean:Oh,for fuck's sake! Stop yellin' at the damned TV,you prick!



    Chas:John,where's my cab?




    Thomas Constantine:I need a hug.






    Angie:(on john's ex-girlfriends)So much for Talk Shows,eh?



    Renee: How come I get no respect from the fans?



    Straff:Why do I have to die?



    (Rocky and Bullwinkle spoof)


    Zatanna:Hey,John! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!


    Zatanna:Presto(out comes Mange)

    Mange:Kill me,already.ya effing cow!(goes back in the hat)

    Zatanna:I should've lobotomized him when I had the chance.

    John:And now here's something we hope you really like.

  2. I saw this type of threads on other message boards,so I figure we should have one.






    Kit:John,*sobs hysterically*I'm Gonna Have Your BABY!!!


    John:(running and screaming) NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!




    Chas:Renee,I used to wear angora sweaters.

    Renee:(sobbing)Oh,Chas! And I thought you were so butch!

  3. "The Broad Majestic Shannon" is probably a close 2nd for me....


    Oh, and lest we forget the god-awful Nancy Collins' "Swamp Thing" debacle; the title of her "John has a pirate ancestor" story-arc was "Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash". So, even though she can't write, she seems to have good taste in music (either that, or else Ennis named the story for her).

    I can only say one thing in defense: Lady Jane (don't hit me) :wacko:

  4. I voted Manco, he's the only one I am really familiar with. Just read Dangerous habits, and it was soo....inconsistant! One moment John would look fantastic, the next..just crap!


    Also, dunno if anyone has noticed ;) but Demon Chas08 you must have posted like 90% of your 42 posts in here asking for examples of art ;) hehehe :D

    Ouch!1 :closedeyes:

  5. I've been reading a lot of the Ennis/Jenkins/Carey issues latley and I was wondering which woman was best for John Constantine?



    Please don't include S.W. Manor,he doesn't count and he's fucked up from the start.

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