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  1. I started regularly reading comics about ...two years ago myself.

    I think I started with some TPBs of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    Then I read the rest of Moore's stuff, and the Sandman. From there, I torrented Transmetropolitan. Then I actually started reading published monthlies. I vaguely remember buying the last issue of Lucifer.

  2. Azzrello's run doesn't mention Ravenscar.


    Someone else is going to have to do this, because my memory isn't made for these tasks, but I think a good question is do you want every reference of Ravenscar or just stories that Ravenscar actually appears in?

    I believe Ravenscar was first mentioned in Moore's Swamp Thing, but it was left as a complete mystery exactly what that talk about Newcastle and Ravenscar was all about.

    And, do you want chronological order based on when the story happened in John's life or just by publication date?


    I might be making this too complicated though, as I don't think there were a ton of stories that mention Ravenscar.


    I mean stories that are either flashbacks, highly relevant to Ravenscar (HB annual), or actually partly taking place there. Chronological order would be nice as well.

  3. In that spirit, I have a question for Delano fans.

    In that one Konstentyn story in HB annual 1, what happened right at the end?



    (Spoilers below, I guess)




    As far as I could tell, he'd subverted worship of christian god in England, and felt content to die. Was I missing something?

  4. While there's a lot I don't like about Ennis' run, it's enjoyable, but in a dumb kind of way. The only Azzarello story that I read had something where he was in prison and then got oral sex from a dog on tape. I didn't finish it.

  5. Adrian Brown, have you listened to the Popes? They're really about the same as the Pogues. Except without the flute. I'm going to go for a English rock thing.


    Delano = The Clash

    Ennis = Anti-Nowhere League (First jock rock band I could think of)

    Jenkins = The Specials

    Azzarello = McFly

    Carey = The Pogues (Irish, lulz)

    Mina = The Proclaimers covering Julian Cope (Keeping this one)

    Diggle = Haven't seem him yet

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