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  1. I note a couple of our EU partners have a much more worrying rise of the far right parties, and am glad at least here, they have been obliterated / incorporated in the "British Racist EXpel Immigrants Today" Party.

  2. On 11/25/2018 at 12:37 PM, dogpoet said:

    Gibraltar isn't part of the UK either, in fact, which is why it isn't part of the EU. It's a colony of some sort. I think that's a big part of the problem that they're not addressing, isn't it?

    Interesting to note they were massively pro-EU.

    In obvious news, The Fargists won the popular vote, by virtue of being the only up front Brexit-themed manifesto-free gang.
    The popular vote was actually "won" by Remain - significantly so if you make the unlikely assumption that around 40% of the people who still voted Tory and 65% of those who voted Labour were Remainers (opinions may have changed since this You Gov poll)

    I hope that the people who abandoned the failed compromise of the parties formerly known as Tory and Labour now stay away from them at the next election. I doubt they will.
    But we need that overhaul of elections that the Lib Dems failed to deliver in coalition. 

  3. Sorry to hear that Christian -particularly the off hand way you got dealt with.


    We ran a campaign for a while about how people with mental health issues are spoken to by physical health professionals. 

    Hope you get the correct support now.

  4. I saw that on facebook, but didn't want to sully Miriam's timeline with the traditional British celebratory comment that you are punching above your weight .


    Looking forward to seeing you later in the year. You could get married at Gretna Green and save everyone a lot of aggro.

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