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  1. On 6/21/2020 at 4:13 AM, Christian said:

    Plus, not to distract the conversation, but I have a hard time taking most of the SJW gang seriously, telling us that morality issues like with Ellis or Wood mean that they shouldn’t be able to publish comics while at the same time telling us that we need to vote for a man who has actually sexually molested more than one woman, in Joe Biden.

    That’s not exactly the moral high-ground.


    You do know that there are significantly different groups of SJW at work here?

    Don't be >ahem< seduced by the idea that (*) men are hard done by because (*) people are speaking out against (*) past behaviour. Also the sad truth is Warren et al are low hanging fruit for the "SIW" crowd. He was a force behind (*) good things, but that made the people who didn't like him all the happier to see his indiscretion and hypocrisy combined. But noone sees glad handing politicians slapped down. 

    (* = some or if you prefer "#notall")

  2. oh and I've seen more judgemental people voice nastier versions of "these women were old enough to know better: and that denies a whole dynamic of fan culture that is close to abusive "authority "figures. On a spectrum where abusive uncles, priests and bosses are infra red, this is certainly in the Amber.

  3. This is written by a friend who I've known since the WEF days



    I recall a bunch of people didnt move on with Warren after the WEF, should we have stuck around to protect people? 

    I dont think so. 

    There was a shift from collaboration and community to fandom and even though Whitechapel [ewww how that name seems ill advised] forum maintained a good cultural exchange it was not for me (culturally Warren and I were very close at first).

    I'm sad that Warren got himself wrapped up in that kind of behaviour.  And that some of my closer friends feel complicit when they shouldn't. 

  4. It's horrible to watch America, where racism never really went away, but has been emboldened by the Hitler-in-chief.

    Poverty, plus attitudes, multiplied by lockdown fear (the cathartic release of being able to leave the house to protest), and opportunists on both sides of the political spectrum of shit, playing at rioting. Let's hope the good people who vote Republican recognise this venal, cowardly, twit-shitting racist for what he is.


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  5. EVERYONE is ignoring the "rules", which no amount to Do What They Did, not what they say.
    Cummings's actual plan seems to have been to use herd immunity to kill people off. Foiled by having to do something in March, the Release of Lockdown has been rushed forward with clear permission to return to "normal".

    Don't get me started on the imaginary track and trace app.

    People are back on buses acting like they own the bus (not me, I am walking everywhere). Ignoring all the constraints that were set in place.

    The simple request to wear a mask in confined spaces such as public transport and shops is being ignored by most.

    The Tories are obviously planning on the hot weather saving them from killing people through political public health policy.

  6. 10 days through having to self isolate because Karen has a cough. (No taste but otherwise no symptoms, and certainly no fever)

    I'm fine and it's frustrating to be at home. But I'll be updating my teaching slides.

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  7. I thought Evil Old Constantine was meant to be the one from the end of Hellblazer. The message I got from the Book of Magics that led into this was that Evil Old Gemma shot him up with a dose of Happy.


    Back on this book, most of the above.

    It was fun. It also felt like Lesson 101 in how to make a hipster version of Hellblazer without making Constantine a dick. Cool youth "Chas", benign laughable "Nick Neckbeard", same old Constantine. An excellent step in a cohesive run of shorter stories. 


  8. Locke and Key

    I think I stopped buying the comic after the first year, but always thought I might read the trades. The TV series is on a par with Sabrina but less teen - despite having three kids fronting the show.

    Hill House for young adults and older folk who like a yarn.


    October Faction 

    Maybe bought  4 issues of this maybe more. I know it was a casualty of me canceling all my monthly standing orders.

    First episode looks more horror-focused and spooky. Potential for the vampire/demon things to get interesting. XFiles lite?

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