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  1. Noting new for me.

    Finished the quick six issues of Animal Man written by Milligan in the wake of Morrison's run and they weren't for me.  Actually found it quite hard to read, a deliberate choice by Milligan apparently as he was looking to channel Burroughs.

  2. On 4/9/2021 at 12:50 PM, dogpoet said:

    Thanquol's great, but he's a bit too much of a cartoon character to take very seriously as a threat, sadly.

    I wonder if it would be worth setting up a separate thread for this sort of RPG talk?

    I think we're good here, there's only the few of us so we won't complain about straying off topic!

    On Thanquol's seriousness, or lack thereof, I agree - it's a 'problem' that extends to how the series has treated Skaven throughout the series so far.  We get it, they're treacherous, maybe dial the comedy dial back a notch or two!  That said, he did pull out some impressive magic early in Dragonslayer so at least he's gotten a moment or two in the sun!

    Speaking of, really enjoying Dragonslayer so far - the extended cast, in particular Max and Ulrika, add so much and the early fight between the airship and the chaos dragon was ace.

  3. If nothing else, that's a well written article and answers the one question I had going in -

    In the end, the question remains: was this worth it? Yes, the auction raised over $5,000 for a worthy cause, but was the environmental cost of the minting of the Mind MGMT NFT outweighed by that donation? A post on Medium from December of last year estimates that a single NFT’s carbon footprint is “equivalent to a EU resident’s total electric power consumption for more than a month, with emissions equivalent to driving for 1000Km, or flying for 2 hours.” It seems unlikely that $5,000 will be enough to offset that footprint.

    Hope you and yours have been keeping well, Ade.

  4. It's cool hearing you talk on that period with some knowledge - his bio mentions his various WHF books (G&F, T&T) as well as a 40K series and some work for the Warhammer magazines (White Dwarf and Inferno).

    Daemonslayer expanded the cast with the introduction of Max, Ulrika and a host of dwarves including Snorri which was much needed.  And of course there's their nemesis - Thanquol!   

    One of the short stories included in the first omnibus


    includes Snorri's death

    which was poorly placed as they're currently a member of the recurring cast in the 4th book proper!

  5. Sometimes a man just needs to read about the big guns smashing shit up, maybe ?

    Nothing new for me.  Still on Secret Six and Animal Man.  Also read The Dark Knight 3, co-written by Azzarello and Miller.  Wouldn't go so far as to say it was good exactly but it was definitely better than the rather disastrous 2.  Superman gets his due a little which felt more than earned to be honest!

  6. Wrapped that first omnibus, short stories were all pretty good - impressed by the chap who managed to get a full story done in three pages!

    Was going to jump onto something else in the same setting next but Daemon Slayer ended on a semi-cliffhanger so decided to roll right into the second omnibus.

  7. The Big Twos output looks so anaemic these days, now that we're heading out of the Covid Time do you think we'll see them start to flesh out their lines more ?

    Nothing new for me, still reading Simone's Secret Six and Morrison's Animal Man.  The Morrison collections include the covers and they're just gorgeous.

  8. Love the LOTR passion, Avaunt!

    Finished Daemonslayer, a dwarf heavy entry in the ballad of Gotrek & Felix though also noticeable for an appearance by Ulrika Magdova who - unless my book shelf is lying to me - has an interesting future ahead of her! 

    Overall it's another entertaining if slight read.  I am finding it super weird that there have been no real conversations between Gotrek & Felix themselves over the course of three full books.  It's almost like they never actually talk to each other!

    Anyway, couple of short stories left to get through before wrapping the first omnibus.

  9. Fashionably late but nothing new for me this week.

    Currently reading Gail Simone's Secret Six and picked up chunk of Animal Man from the start of Morrison's revival through to the end of Delano's run.  Been kind of pining for that classic Vertigo style recently.

  10. Finished reading through 68, starts as zombies in the Vietnam war before eventually migrating to zombies in late 60s/early 70s America.  Overall, pretty good - was kind of bummed with the sudden jump to America but they do get back to resolving the story threads lefts in Vietnam so fair enough.  As mentioned elsewhere, lot of racial slurs thrown around which I guess was in keeping with the times but even still it did feel a little excessive at times.  

    Definitely felt a bit rushed towards the end, especially in the art department but yeah, glad I read it.

  11. Finished Skavenslayer, kind of an odd read between the amusing antics of the treacherous Skaven and the terrible violence inflicted by all and sundry to all and sundry! 

    Enjoyed it but would've preferred if the Skaven threat had been treated a little more seriously.  I did like Felix's little character arc and the story ends with Gotrek being summoned off somewhere so hopefully we'll get to learn a little more about him in the ominously named Daemonslayer!

  12. Artists going to artist, thought you'd appreciate that!

    Nothing new for me, still reading through 68 and have had the first big Black Hammer collection there waiting on my attention for some time now so might tackle that next.

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  13. I actually saw that as a younger lad and the striking visuals of the orcs stuck with me - that's a great clip, love the depiction of Aragorn as more native American in appearance.

  14. I still only have the copy of Fellowship that we got with the graphic adventure game for the C64 back in the day, after finishing it I borrowed a great big single volume tome from one of my uncles that collected the entire trilogy.

    It almost feels sacrilegious not to have a copy of the full trilogy on the shelf!

  15. I've gone back to Fellowship too many times to count now but it's been at least a decade since my last foray - I've never gotten very far into a reread, finding the prose far too dry and the story far too familiar to hold my attention for long.  

    Same boat as Christian, haven't actually reread many books, could probably count the number on one hand.  That said, I've found that Audiobooks provide a great way to revisit old favourites as they don't take up any 'real' reading time (listen when out and about).

    Chunk of the way into Skavenslayer and can confirm that it's one ongoing story this time.  Also Felix still has his magic sword, so I can sleep easier at night now.  While the violence is brutal, the Skaven are written with a nod to the funny, with their scheming ways and not being half as clever as they think they are.  Gotrek hasn't gotten much screentime in either book so far, Felix is very much the POV character.

  16. We're in a similar boat when it comes to the early issues of TWD, everything up to the snow melting off the estate sign is burned into my brain!  

    If I could go back in time I wouldn't kill Hitler, I'd stop myself from going to BleedingCool on the day they ruined the surprise that that day's issue of the series was actually the last.

  17. Nothing new for me.

    Currently reading '68 which is zombies but during the Vietnam war.  Lot of racial slurs thrown about, in the name of 'authenticity' presumably but still feel pretty gratuitous.

  18. Finally got around to finishing Troll Slayer, fun read but it's less a novel and more a collection of loosely connected short stories - almost like a procedural TV show, "This week, on Gotrek & Felix...".

    A little ways into Skavenslayer and it looks like it'll be focused on an ongoing conflict with...yes, you guessed it....the Skaven!  First chapter/story was good though Fellix appears to have lost his magic sword between books!

  19. Followed up Bendis' run on Daredevil with Ed Brubakers but unfortunately didn't enjoy it nearly as much.  Maybe that was too much DD all at once but his Matt was a total dick and I was actively rooting against him by the end, had his reasons of course but never really managed to sell me on his actions. 

    Lady Bullseye was a pretty awful character too - the name and design moreso than anything else about her to be fair but they're two fairly big elements!

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