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  1. Nothing new for me.

    Read the first Gideon Falls collection last night, very much a supernatural TV show in comic form - the art is absolutely fantastic and the story's pretty good too.  Will probably pick up the second collection.

  2. Nothing new for me.

    Finally picked up the 5th, and final, Clone Saga collection on the cheap so might be time to read that.  Also maybe some Slaine, as mentioned elsewhere.

  3. Manco is just so bloody good.

    I need to sit down and have a proper read of Slaine, the art in the first volume - like so much of that to be found in British weekly comics of the time - is of a ridiculously high quality.  Either there was a lot of money in the business back then or everyone involved was criminally underpaid.

    No need to pass comment on the writing, it's Mills so enough said.



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  4. Are you playing on PC or a console ?  Some of the available PC mods are pretty crazy.

    Right their with you on basically just dossing around rather than actually getting to solve the dragon problem.  Stalking bandits through dank caves is far more fun.

  5. Love me some Skyrim but Mass Effect is a much strong narrative/character experience and that tips the scales for me.

    Never bothered with companions in Skyrim so wouldn't restart just cause you...they...they got themselves killed.  Really enjoyed playing through it as a stealth based bowman - murdering from the shadowy distance never got old for me.


  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Put Skyrim away for a little and tackle the Mass Effect Trilogy first. The 'Legendary' edition dropped this year and includes pretty much everything (all 3 games, all DLC), with the original game touched up and given some gameplay changes to make it feel a little less old - they even integrate the original DLC into the first game. 

    It's like playing through a dead good sci-fi epic - Grip's points are valid and while the gradual ditching of various RPG elements is a bummer and the story maybe doesn't quite nail the ending the journey is fucking fantastic and the characters are just brilliant, some of my absolute videogame favourites.  That you get to travel through three games with some of them makes it easy to care for the silly sods.  

    Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece but I'd recommend playing the first game to get the best out of it.

    Like I said, treat yourself to the Legendary Edition and then block off a 100 hours to run through it all.  Then you can blow the next 300 hours on Skyrim.

  7. Nothing new for me.

    Visit to the comic shop last weekend was a nice trip down the memory lane, just the one final trade left to complete the full original run of Hellblazer and that doesn't come out till March next year.  I like that they've included some of the Hellblazer minis (ie, Johnna Constantine) in later collections.

  8. I am going to an actual comic shop this weekend to pick up some Hellblazer trades, yay!

    Just read Ennis' two Red Team series, pretty good cop stuff - would make for a decent TV mini or two.

  9. Well I guess to the man on the street the difference between Skaven and Beastmen-with-rat-features is negligible ?  

    I'm a little ways into Elfslayer and enjoying it, more old faces on parade - Long's doing a good job of building on what went before as well as being a bit more introspective with Felix.  Enjoying that his early journals have now been published in-world and he's going through something of a mid-life crisis as he's been on the road for 20 years now.  Of course the books are still mainly about him and Gotrek smashing shit up but those little diversions add a little something extra to otherwise traditional franchise fiction.  


    The third and final book in Joe Abercrombie's new trilogy drops soon so looking forward to settling down to that series when I'm done with the two boys.

  10. You came to mind when that plot point dropped, yes!  The in-lore argument here is that the powers-that-be didn't want everyone freaking out about the possibility of a sprawling subterranean empire of rat-folk being right under foot while already having to deal with the latest Chaos incursion.  

  11. Wrapped Manslayer, another above average entry in the G&F series from Long.  Some familiar faces do indeed return and we get a nod to the chaos invasion that was being built up to by King petering out after his last book in the series.  The boys return to Nuln here only to learn that the populace have now convinced themselves that the Skaven never existed and their previous woes were all down to some particularly ratty looking beatstmen!    

    Still a couple of short stories left to round out the omnibus then probably onto the fourth collection, cause why stop now ?

  12. Finished Orcslayer, Long did a fine job picking up from King and while it's only touched on for a few lines here and there it was still nice to see him acknowledge that Felix & Gotrek don't really have any kind of relationship despite having travelled together for 20 years through 8 books and a handful of short stories.  Also, there's an epilogue!  Think I commented before but King's books all just kind of ended as soon as the bad guys were dispatched.  Max, Snorri and Ulrika all get mentioned in that epilogue so maybe we'll see them again, fingers crossed!

  13. I think that's why the warnings are preferable to editing or, worse, just not making those episodes available - as long as we view things through the context of their time then we should be able to deal with them.  That's easy for me as a straight white dude to say, of course.

    Also Debbie was and is smoking hot so maybe it was a for-being-too-damn-sexy warning ?

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