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  1. I greatly dislike the current political discourse in the US. I've never related to the right, but now the left acts like Obama can do no wrong, even as he orders drone strikes to assassinate our enemies and whatever children happen to be in the way. I feel like I can no longer relate to my country at all. So...how's Norway this time of year?

  2. I want to chime in to agree with Christian that Morrison does bring the fun with the characters, and he's probably that "One person, living or dead, you'd like to have dinner with" for me. I kind of want to hire him to be my life coach.

  3. It doesn't sound like you actually have a problem with Morrison's comment about Moore, but that you have a problem with Morrison wearing blinders and taking the moral high ground.

    But, his comments about Moore are spot-on. It's gotten pretty bad with Moore.

    I don't think of a Grant Morrison comic and have a rape scene come to mind. More and more, I've been finding that rape scenes have made an appearance in a large chunk of Moore's comics.

    We've even had a conversation right here on this site during Neonomicon about the subject. A lot of people are noticing a trend.

    It's certainly not helping Moore's creative reputation, at this point, at the very least.


    It's like Chris Claremont's "strong women getting mind-controlled by villains" trope that has ended up making people roll their eyes at a lot of Claremont's work by this point.

    Oh, don't get me wrong...Alan Moore's stuff these days is like if it's not League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I'm not interested. I looked at the Neonomicon a few weeks ago, and it was disgusting. I couldn't find any reason for the extended group rape scene, and I think it's a misunderstanding of what makes the Lovecraft Mythos scary. And I can't think of anything in the last ten years that Morrison has done that has had any sort of rape (Though that might be because he switched places with Kind Mob and KM is writing comics now...)

  4. Morrison book spoilers follow...


    Here's the link to the interview I'm referencing.


    Rolling Stone interviewed Grant Morrison, and in the interview, Grant makes some valid points about Alan Moore. In fact, the title of this post isn't quite fair because I don't really take issue with what he said about Moore; what I take issue with is this:


    "We know Alan Moore isn't a misogynist but fuck, he's obsessed with rape. I managed to do thirty years in comics without any rape!"


    So that wasn't an implied rape scene in Hellblazer when the father and his friends invade the daughter's room? And I supposed Lord Fanny's rape, shown twice in the Invisibles, doesn't count? You could make the case that Ragged Robbin's rape doesn't count because it was a false memory. However, you can't write off the Crazy Jane was raped by her father off panel, and then by a stranger in a church on-panel.


    Maybe I'm being nit-picky because I've read a lot of Morrison in the past year,so it's all fresh, but still...that's a lot of rape for someone who doesn't put rape in comics.

  5. I was going to ask if anyone was reading The Defenders (right now, it's the only book I'm getting). I see that Christain likes it to. Good stuff...though I'm not sure I like the promiscuous Dr. Strange. Iron Fist is great, though.

  6. Video games, eh? If anyone plays Dungeons & Dragons online, look me up on the Thelanis server. I am Varstagh Tenravens, a 9th level barbarian of the Tenravens Tribe, and I'm also Nephysis Tenravens, 6th level Drow Wizard (Necromancer/Pale Master), also of the Tenravens Tribe.

  7. I just finished reading The Invisibles last week, and though I'm not sure I understood it (though I understand it better today than I did a week ago), I loved it.


    I know I read the whole thing years ago, but I seriously didn't remember anything about The Invisible Kingdom/

  8. I'm sort with Lou on this. While the idea of a Watchmen follow up seems pointless, I do like most of the creators they're using. Especially, Darwyn Cooke doing The Minutemen & Azz/Bermejo on Rorshach.....but....do these need to 4 or 6 parts EACH!?! Add it all up and it's longer than the original. I think it'd be better to have a 48 page one-shot for each.


    Yeah...I really doubt I'll be buying this, and I haven't even looked at any of the New 52. DC just doesn't interest me anymore.

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