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  1. Kinda cool and sad that the one shot acknowledges Tefé by reference for the first time in nearly 15 years after Swampy's 4th vol (2004-05). Then again, considering The Mustache and Milligan, we should be grateful she's been in limbo for this long.



    Re: Art- anyone noticed a slight nod to Sean Murphy a bit with the zipper patterns on the coat sleeves?

  2. On 12/17/2017 at 10:49 AM, GottaGetAGrip said:

    Floronic Man was also the main villain of Alan Moore's first arc on the title. He was hired by the Sunderland Corporation to research Swamp Thing's "corpse" and was the one to discover that Moore's Swamp Thing was in fact a plant who thought he was a man, not a man who had been turned into a plant.

    And apparently that Constantine concept art was traced off a David Tennant 10th Doctor image:


    Must admit, there is more than a resemblance between poses.

    Ironic considering how Frusin drew the trench coat that long in the 2000-2003 (especially late Azzarello and early Carey) period long before Tennant and 10th's coat came into public view 

  3. On 8/16/2019 at 12:33 AM, TheDevilYouKnow said:

    Yeah, that's why you don't let writers like the LOT writers anywhere near stories like the Newcastle story.


    Matt deserves better.


    WE deserve better.


    Still salty about him not appearing at all in that first (well, only) season of Swamp Thing.

    Especially when that arc from the NBC series was never Berlanti's Guggenheim's or Legends' showrunner to begin with.


    Makes me more forgiving of the New 52, Doyle-Tynion IV and the Genie crap (not really saying much for either one)

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  4. On 8/22/2019 at 5:05 AM, JohnMcMahon said:

    As you probably managed to figure out, I am not! 

    I only made it a couple of episodes in, a bit too manic crazy silly for me, Matt Ryan remains the definitive screen version of the character though so if a couple of seasons of this stuff helps lay the foundations for a solo series then great!

    Or if Gaiman can ween our John & Matt away from the Berlanti Ghetto for a guest appearance in Sandman triggering a new series spun off from it w/ Books of Magic in tow

  5. 17 hours ago, Christian said:

    Spurrier is a better writer, overall, than Oliver. However, Oliver was coming off of the best work of his career, Last Gang in Town from Vertigo, when he took over HB. If he could have channeled even half of his rage over the current economic situation in our world in to his JC story, it would have been much more fondly remembered. Instead, writing Constantine seemed to sap all of the creative energy out of him. So, I'll believe it when I see it, I say.

    Given restrictions and mandating capes (i.e. the JL cameo both his one-shot and Seeley's 3 parter and the final issues with Huntress), sap out is an understatement 

  6. Since its Gaiman and Spurrier, I trust their word deeply compared to Oliver (and I wished he was given Swamp Thing instead of them putting the old guard in Len Wein for it to get the Abby stuff sorted out and close the damned Djinn shite there) and Seeley did fine despite the shoehorned capes and poor art after Merino.

  7. 4 hours ago, A. Heathen said:

    An excellent man for the job, let's hope that Sandman Universe thing can save the day again.


    (it would totally amuse me to have all the different Constantines turn out to be bad dreams caused by Milligan's Bullet.)

    Shiiit. I'd take those 4 years as a coma dream at this point 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Christian said:

    Si Spurrier is a good choice. I can't see him being anything worse than what we saw on HB comics since the beginning of the Milligan run. That's not really a high bar though.

    Same. Considering a decade of shit between Milligan, the New52/DCYou & Rebirth (with a fraction exception to Seeley), there's nowhere to go but up* for the moment



    *Unless Cacarot (DiDio) fucks it all to to the shitter for another episode of why he'll never be Jim Shooter (and Paul Levitz was a whole fool for giving him a job in Editoral in the first place all those years ago)

  9. .....😑 between Alan Horn (the WB exec who killed DC by screwing over the inprint and bringing in Dan DiDio who's now running a Live Action Remake Mill*) and Tom Rothman (his own exec meddling during same 12 years at Fox as Horn's tenure at the WB), I wish neither fucker made it as far they did; especially Horn. He got his wish far as turning DC into the branding wasteland and nothing gets spared.


    We know what they'll pump out with Black Label will be only Capes so the likes of Miller and Azz can get more work. DC is dead to me


    Mark my words, the only TPBs for our John they'll put out is the New 52/DCYou/Rebirth material and the stuff we enjoyed will suffer the same fate Paul Jenkins' run did for a long time (til 2014)


    *might as well call the House of Mouse that anyway outside of Marvel 

  10. On 2/23/2019 at 10:14 PM, Vagabond said:

    The  animated Titans show from the early 2000s was a huge hit so maybe they're hoping it'll help specifically with a TV audience

    Not so much that, but one person credited as a EP had been pushing Cyborg for nearly a decade: Geoff Johns.


    Why I single him out? Well, he does have a strong preference for what he considers his era of comics and entertainment (i.e. The Superfriends era 1973-1986) hence why he, along with the 'stasche when devising thr Nee 52 snatched him and abolished his Titans history while in turn screwing over Martian Manhunter out of the founding member role in the JLA.


    Another reason for why this show is due to the failure of the Snyder flavored DCEU (though semi salvaged by both Wonder Woman and Aquaman) along with the fact that the Cyborg of the New 52 era isn't of interest; only there because Johns made him 1 of the 3 mother boxes of Apokolips. Plus given how little the character (& actor Ray Fisher) was given plus the two cancelled solo series within the last 4 years, the planned movie signposted for 2020 is pretty much dead and buried. 


    But yeah, I got to side with Christian on this. There is Joshua and Tempest but considering who's name has been tied to every DC project since The Green Lantern movie to here, of course "we need our diversity brownie points even though the tide will reverse this corporate hollow trend in the 2020s"

  11. Gonna have to agree with Christian. 


    Hell, we've not even seen Tefé in the decade since Diggle and Dysart and she like Gemma (the real one as we last saw her under Carey and Mina) buggered of to the same Waffle pocket universe Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain were hiding in soon as DiDio and Johns got their grubby hands on our John

  12. Ok, so having read this issue while in route to work, it does have something going for it* even for a now 3 part fill in far as introductions go. Seely got our John's voice on point and Merino's art feels right back at where we ought to have been after Diggle as opposed to what we ended up getting 8 years ago around this time.


    *Said this about Oliver but we been deep throated by Djinn and a bride of a Elemental who's now Blue!Lady Jane




  13. Finally read the two. Its Denise Mina all over again except Djinn is the new Empathy. The arc should've been capped off at #6 then different story would've took its place. That plus the Book plot thread of Lapdogs and Englishmen molded into one giant muddle


    As for the missing Abby, that other plot thread would've bern more investing had the DiDiot greenlit a Swamp Thing: Rebirth title so that thread csn conclude there.

  14. I'll give him a go.

    Hack/Slash has been fun and suggests he knows horror.

    I wonder if he would write an issue where Gemma and Angie enlist the services of Cassie Hack to go after Peter Milligan?


    Hahahahaha... HORROR !!!

    Remember when Hellblazer was a Horror book?


    Turkish Tony's* remembers....



    *Pepperidge Farm's taken

  15. But on Oliver: Like Denise Mina a decade before, he got the voice and swagger of our John but not the story. For Mina, it was the Third Place & for Oliver, its the Djinn. Which is a pity even more since he's one of us.


    Credit where credits due,at least Johns and DiDio didn't hijack the run for their "All the bad stuff you dislike is all Alan Moore's fault (even though we're the real monsters)!!" campaign

  16. Oh, wow. I'm out. So, Simon Oliver's run is going to go downhill as a colossal failure, I'd have to say....12 issues of searching for the Djinn. I'm guessing Oliver's run will end with, "I found them!".


    Nothing against Tim Seeley, but I've just never read anything by him that I've found in any way exceptional. Oliver had the peak-of-his-career Last Gang in Town right before he took over on Hellblazer, and he churned out the most boring run on the book I can think of....probably even worse, in some ways, than the Ming Doyle misfire (although, in other ways, Doyle's was just terrible even compared to Oliver's).


    Wasn't Seeley a member of this forum at one point?

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