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  1. A bit of background on World Magazine, from their own website:


    WORLD Mission Statement: To report, interpret, and illustrate the news in a timely, accurate, enjoyable, and arresting fashion from a perspective committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.


    So, what they have to say should probably be taken with at least a pinch or two of salt...


    Except that the article is very incisive, lacks any of the Capalert mentality, and says:


    Constantine doesn’t relish his task—he just hopes that it earns him a second chance at heading up instead of down when his time comes again. The angel Gabriel (a self-consciously androgynous Tilda Swinton) regularly berates Constantine for the futility of this goal—she/he rightly points out that one can’t earn salvation. But that’s about the only thing right about Gabriel, a supremely odd character that fits no theological or, one is tempted to believe, logical mold.
  2. Given how desperately she's trying to stick to Madonna's career-path (only, y'know...worse), I give it a maximum of 2-3 years before she's fucking black Jesus-figures in her videos, and then comes out with a photobook entitled "Hardcore - beat that, Ciccone".


    Should be worth waiting for.


    It's not Jesus, it's a local saint !


    Oh and comparing Britney Spears to Madonna is like comparing Constanteen to Hellblazer (see how I cleverly got us back on topic?).


    One is an original, creative endeavour that has changed slightly with the passing years, the other is a little girl wannabe who has seen Madonna and dresses like her - totally missing the point.

  3. You really are a puffed up, boring old, souless piece of shit.


    What is with these emotional outburst attacks? What the fuck? R U Looking for an excuse to excommunicate me as well with your dictator abilites........again? Take your anger and soul in another direction. I'm not your kicking dog.


    You and your new friend wore out your welcome when you were exposed as liars.


    Actually, you wore out your welcome very early on, the first time you tried to repeat the same old tired argument about the film's plot. He wore out his welcome when he practised hypocrisy - saying one thing here and another thing elsewhere.


    On the rare occasions when either of you have taken the time to try and engage in conversation, or actually pay attention to anything we've been saying (rather than parroting the Official Warners Defence) you've been welcome.


    But now we can get all the info we need about the film from worthwhile sources, so your role here is over - and you still didn't change anyone's mind.


    And guess what?

    You're more like the shit that the dog we are kicking left behind.

  4. Also, working on the r (*Ade says: That's "Redemption" for anyone coming in late, or just confused by Matadorian syntax) thing for leverage (brownie points) since he is terminal.  If the Judeo-Christian mythology logic holds true as was stated- wouldn't omnipotent God KNOW about Angel Gabriel's deception and alterior motives?  Hmmmmmmmm.  No one mentioned that one.  How is the androgenous one able to get away with the plan involving Mammon.  Exactly!  Becuz God is not being treated as all-knowing in this film.


    Or he's interested in setting Gabriel up to fail to teach a lesson.

    Or he JUST DOESN'T CARE like a kid with an ant farm.

    Or he prefers his angels less androgynous these days.


    However, God's apparent oblivion to Constantine's and Gabriel's plans has been mentioned before, so no Ade-Brownie points for you again. And if you want to try convince the first-time viewers about that "Goldmanetically Modified Christianity" thing, someone better shoot a scene at the Theological Society where it is stated, sorry spoonfed.

  5. minor nitpick - the virgin mary in that comics panel ALSO has a cross-shape in her halo, which is a huge error. only Christ can have that on icons, the cross shows us his God-like nature, as discussed on the first church assembly at Nikea in 325. AD.



    i hope Vertigo fires some editors because of this ;)


    hi, pal

    i'm surprised by the fact you were only focused in enlighting us, and did not even think that maybe THAT was the intention... to show a strange element...

    don't worry, I guess nobody is gonna ever be fired if a fan doesn't undertand something like this...


    Hello Stranger,


    welcome to the forum where humour is not always indicated by a ;-) but when it is, you'd better look out for it. You seem sensitive to the quip about editors getting fired, but perhaps it's information you are uncomfortable with ?


    No offence is meant by sharing corrections and adding information.


    Mr Rogan's info about icons is rather informative, and there's no evidence of any "strange element" going on here. But if you know more, perhaps you can join in the enlightening ?


    It's worth noting that several errors have been slipping through recently, this very thread has a couple of other ones from All His Engines. We usually try and make our "No Prize" explanations more polite.

  6. The image of WB staff harrassing folks at the junket for a number rating out of ten for the movie is an odd one.


    Movie Reporter: "Yeah it was okay. Do you have any copies of the graphic novel for me to read ?"


    Mat A'Dore, Hollywood "Intern' ": "So, how many marks out of ten ? Pick a card ... Eight, Nine or Ten."


    MR: "Well, erm, do you have any lower ?"


    MA'D: (turning the Nine upside down, pretending) "Oh here's a six!"

  7. Hellblazer vs. Constantine

    Posted: Feb 10, 2005 9:49 AM      Reply 



    Consider this self-serving enthusiasm, not spam. Jovanka Vuckovic, the editor of Rue Morgue Magazine and a Hellblazer devotee, has written an editorial for newbies (like myself) comparing the comic with the movie for my magazine, Access. Read it here: http://www.accessmag.com/Archives/74-constantine.html.


    You like? You don't? Let me know at sean@accessmag.com.





    It's hard to track which of these are posted via the forum !

  8. Incidentally, the sequel, if left undisturbed, will be far more in line with Hellblazer than this one and should subside some of these worries.  It is in much better hands and will have the "risk" factor mitigating against it highly reduced from the powers-of-be as a result of the success of this soulful endeavor.


    What John said.

    Also: they should keep the same cast as much as possible,

    (come on, we know that Shia will be back as comedy ghost sidekick !).

  9. Totally, they'd be scratching their heads reading a Hellblazer comic saying "how come he lives in London?, where's his holy shotgun? why does he keep calling that 40 year old bloke 'Chas' when we all know 'Chaz' is a teenage kid? whys he got blonde hair? where's Beeman? how come he is calling up spirits with pentagrams and candles and not sticking his feet into a basin of water?"


    I bet the Kris of Earth-3 is even now primed and ready to strike at this forum with his "WHY DID THEY CHANGE CONSTANTEEN TO A COCKNEY?" rants ;-)

  10. Tom,


    I can see that Keanu *has* captured an essence of John Constantine, however it is as much the "Compleat Constantine" as the "blond haired scouser".


    But we are still in the realms of the superficial, and the story, its motivations and its pay-off are the rather glaring ointment in which the fly is immersed.


    Of course, everyone involved in the film - from the junket junkies to the Vertigo higher-ups - wants to emphasise the positives.


    I have always begged to differ on films like this, and I expected to like it.

    What is disappointing is that Warners chose to alienate those of us who are fond of the comic series, ignoring us then chosing to belittle our opinions.


    As for the "not like other comic book movies", that's partly a function of the usual journalistic lazyitis. What about all them "book movies" ? How *dull* are they ??

  11. It, um, crossed my mind that an inverted cross also appears with the Holy Shotgun.


    As I said to John, that Gaumont poster was the first thing we saw when we walked out of the Metro near our hotel. I did not notice the "WHAT? +" comment on the poster in the subway until I was formatting the montage just now.


    By the way, that CHICKEN Reeves, hid away the whole time I was in Paris.

    We did see loads of gendarmes on Tuesday, but they turned out to be for Condy Rice.

  12. Not really sure what hydrotherapy is, exactly, Adrian.

    But, yes, they do have magical mystery hosptials which house BOTH psychiatry and cardiology.


    Hydrotherapy is mostly used for rehabilitation of limb injuries.


    It's not that those three wouldn't all be in the same hospital, that is common in most places, but the book makes a point that the hospital's two specialities are cardiology and psychiatry. Which is daft - except in the context of this film ...

  13. Given the very thoughtful comments of Tilda Swinton in that NY Times interview, I hope they go for the simple repeat ensemble cast with their sequel.

    Rather than the "Villain Rotation System" that ruined the Batman series of films.


    And I like her analogy to contemporary global politics.


    Q. Religious absolutism can be found in many places.


    A. True, there is all sorts of religious extremism all over the place, but the reason for this partly has to do with the fascist attitudes and language of absolutism coming from Washington. It's challenging for people outside of America that Bush was re-elected. It means we're all going to have to work a lot harder to understand what so many more Americans than we thought really want. It's an identity shift in our minds about America and maybe for many Americans as well.


    Q. And you think this film will resonate along those lines? It's not overtly political.


    A. I don't think there is any way that it won't. Actually, there were a couple of moments in my speeches that were more politically on the nose, and they were cut, and I'm actually glad they were. We don't want to date the film, but also we don't want to alienate people who need to do new thinking about this. We're not only preaching to the converted, but we also want to speak to those people who think they know what righteousness is.

    Now, do you think we can get the kids on imdb to stop referring to Gabriel as "she" ? ;-)

  14. I'd like to read the original interview as cranks like the one you quote are quite adapt at putting a creative interpretation on things.


    Oh for sure.

    But I can't wait for the Capalert review !



    Wanton Violence/Crime (W)

    man with "Spear of Destiny" does bad stuff,

    shooting of possible innocent bystander by policewoman,

    multiple explosive startles of horror with varying intensity,

    terror imagery, repeatedly,

    mutilation to eye motif,

    shooting of demonic mutilated bodies, repeatedly ,

    woman with face underwater in tub to give impression of suicide or murder.


    Impudence/Hate (I)

    no uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary ,

    young comedy sidekick sasses adults,

    "Possessed girl" does that scene from Exorcist,

    young boy imagines priest as demon,

    scary music +++

    use of burning cross,

    man does not follow medical advice.


    Sexual Immorality (S)

    adults in underwear,

    woman dressed as man playing Angel Gabriel,

    man and woman in bed after night together (WOMAN HAS TAIL !!!),

    sexual innuendo between same couple,

    sexual innuendo between lead and boy sidekick,

    dogs and cats living together,

    woman in bath - nipples erect - erm, probably.


    Drugs/Alcohol (D):

    smoking, ALL OF THE TIME !

    drinking, almost all of the time !

    alcoholic priest,

    drinking club where demons and angels consort,

    illegal drugs, suspicious "cigarette" held by black man.


    Offense to God (O)

    (*note here, for The Grudge, they list "Buddhism" !!)

    unholy apparitions, many times of varying extremes,

    unseen presences, repeatedly ,

    mutilated demons, repeatedly ,

    Holy relics are defaced, made into guns and the like,

    "Sangre De Dio" - "God's blood" derived from Holy relic Spear of Destiny,

    Satan appears dapper,

    Deal with Satan to achieve redemption,

    suggestion that humans evolved from apes,

    Angel called Gabriel appears, questions God's role,

    described as having contest with devil, but also as "kid with an ant farm",

    God likes the comic Hellblazer better,

    gruesome and extensive depictions of Hell,

    travelling to Hell through water, electrocution and kitty-staring.


    Murder/Suicide (M)

    suicide by dropping off high rise psychiatric hospital,

    suicide by cutting wrists TWICE,

    several murders of and by hideous beings, repeatedly,

    supernatural beings murdered,

    priest murdered.

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